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pool, birthdays

Posted 06-05-2008 at 00:16 by shillelagh

Well got beat at pool again - im getting worse... I must be doing good though - they asked if i wanted to sign up for the winter season!!! Done sisters 50th birthday card lovely couple of pictures on it. One on xmas day when she was fast asleep on the front - the other when she was partying in dublin and a nice verse - with picture of a fire extinguisher... thank god for publisher and the verses theyve got. Some of you may know her - she used to work in accrington library in the reference department. Just now to get her birthday pressie and leaflets from age concern seeing as shes 50. Wonder if shes making my tea on wednesday? By the way going to the Duke of Wellington tonight to celebrate her birthday. Carvery here i come it was brilliant...
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gardening my style.....

Posted 03-05-2008 at 20:17 by shillelagh

Im hopeless - i know that its nowt new to all of you accywebbers but im now sat here in pain.

This afternoon after waking spug up and getting the grunt from him, and the phone call from a neighbour which i wished her happy birthday and agreed to have her cat tonight and then went over to take her pressie and card over and a brew and chat, as it stayed fine (according to the weather forecast it was supposed to chuck it down today and look at it - its been lovely and sunny and warm) i decided id cut the grass in the back garden. Now spug last year thought it wouldnt take long - well he soon found out what its like!!! So drags the lawn mower out and im sure i disturbed the spiders in there seeing as i saw a miniature herbie come...
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Spug... election day....and HELP

Posted 03-05-2008 at 02:00 by shillelagh
Updated 16-06-2008 at 14:35 by shillelagh

Well you all know well whoever reads this spug had a job interview on wednesday and he'd find out on Friday if he got the job or not. He was hoping that he'd get it. He knew what they were looking for and he'd done that job before. He was very hopeful. Well he didnt get it and hes down in the mouth about it as well. It was his first interview since June - except for the one for the temp place. They rang him late on on Friday. Anyway he said he's glad though that he's heard from them even though he hadnt got the job seeing as hes filled application forms in like theres no tomorrow and none had got back to him at all. Anyway hes got another job application form to take in on Tuesday for a different job. So that was that.

Now election...
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Spug, appointments......

Posted 01-05-2008 at 00:39 by shillelagh

Oh my have been sat here watching a film that i watched in my teenage years... and my feet are still tapping now.. It was 3 at Tesco Rawtenstall today.

Well spugs had his interview and he'll find out Friday. He says that theres 3 more to be interviewed tomorrow and he was the first to be interviewed. The interview was very informal and its for 13 weeks at first.. So its fingers, legs and everything else crossed except the eyes. Hope he gets it. Hes missed working.

Last time i went to Preston hospital was in January had a cracking visit - drove me nuts. Anyway they said come back in 4 months.. when i went to make the appointment they said they'd be in touch the first appointments they had were 6 months!!!...
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Posted 29-04-2008 at 21:49 by shillelagh

Keep your fingers crossed at 5.30pm tomorrow..... Spugs got a job interview!! I just hope he gets it. He's had a couple of temp jobs but this would be a permanent one.... so fingers crossed and i just hope he gets it. Rang sky today to find out more bout their broadband and tv how long would it take to be installed etc and he said i can i put you on hold ... and he cut me off!!! Not good customer relations is it?
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