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Christmas ...

Posted 31-12-2010 at 01:43 by shillelagh

Well the spugster arrived ... a bit late .. but got here safely. He set off early from home to make sure he got into edinburgh to catch the train down ... he neednt have bothered .. no problems in Scotland ... it was when he got to preston - his train was cancelled from preston to accy .. anyway he caught the next one ... so landed a bit later than expected .. but got here.. By the way .. the house was a tip .. got worse after he arrived ..and im going to have to have a go at it tomorrow ..

We went down town to meet up in the research centre with haggi's ... sorry we didnt get there yesterday .. but when you hear what went on wednesday night .. you'll understand why!!! We got the last xmas pressie .. called in with the red kola...
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its christmas eve ...

Posted 24-12-2010 at 01:03 by shillelagh

well ok its 00.55am .. its still christmas eve...

Im sat here, surrounded by unwrapped christmas pressies ... and realising that ive missed one .. so guess whos GOT to go shopping tomorrow ..

Also the spugsters coming down lands hopefully just after 11am in accy. Ive still got to deliver my christmas cards .. i only finished writing them on monday night, the house is a tip, we got the haggi pick up .. god knows what the neighbours are going to think with all the cars pulling up .. and did i say that the spugsters coming down ..

and im sat here drinking hot chocolate and typing this and nosying thro accyweb and facebook and watching telly as well ...

Am i going to be ready ... well...
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Day trip ....

Posted 21-11-2010 at 19:54 by shillelagh

It started on friday night ... My nephew is at Bangor Uni .. and i was winding him up on facebook .. saying i was making broth and dumplings for tea .. He loves my broth .. and says i make it better than his mum .. she agrees and says that she cant make it ... Next thing he says send some down wi my mum tomorrow .. she's coming down with mick and make sure theres dumplings in .. give her a ring and ask her if she'll pick some up for me. So me being the soft auntie i am ... rang my sister up ..and she said she'd come up saturday morning at 10am to pick it up. Anyway i put a goody bag together for him .. the broth, dumplings, a bottle of red kola that i had left from spugs last visit, some sweeties for him. Made arrangements with spugs to ring...
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Posted 17-11-2010 at 17:40 by shillelagh

i read chaz1975's thread .. and it took me back to 1981 .. that was the year for weddings ... di & charles wedding was nowt compared to what we had ... 3 weddings in 6 months!!! ... My brother & his now ex got wed in June, my sister & her now ex got wed in september and then my big sis & her hubby got wed in december ... it was party time!!!

My dad said we couldnt go to ireland that year on holiday .. said we couldnt afford it ... and then turned up one day after finishing work .. ethel get packed we're off to ireland ... ferries tomorrow at 6am .... mum was after him for that one .. no warning no nothing .. but only for a week .. he couldnt afford it ... cos of the weddings ..

I was a bridesmaid...
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following on from margaret p's feelings in check ...

Posted 13-11-2010 at 19:54 by shillelagh

I read that .. and it took me back to when i was 18 ... one sunday in october ..

Dad had been ill for quite a while ... and he'd finally given in and been moved downstairs to the little front room .. a hospital bed was moved in, we bought a table that could fit under it .. still have it .... anyway this meant that dad could sit in the living room with us and when he got tired he could go back to bed with ease .. plus running up and down the stairs was not doing my mum any good and his voice wasnt always loud enough ..

Anyway this sunday afternoon .. we were all there .. my brother and 2 sisters and mum and dad .. this was a change .. i had a weekend job at the little chef ... worked saturday and sundays .. but...
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