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the life of me
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Hide 'n' seek!!

Posted 21-02-2008 at 14:11 by slinky

In the dark!!

Yes, thats what we played last night at my uncles house

he lives in quite a large house near town. I have always thought his house was quite spooky so, a couple of weeks ago we said we would choose a night and play hide and seek in the dark

He made us all a curry then we all got ready for the game. There was me, Ginger our 2 kids, my uncle, 4 of my cousins, one of my cousins friends and 2 lads who are my eldest 2 cousins boyfriends.

We were all dressed in dark clothing and it was ginger to count first........... we all run off in different directions trying to find the best hiding places ( and there are plenty in this house ) I ran into the girls bedroom and hid between 2 chest of drawers and put the Hoover in front of me. I put a big teddy over my head so that ginger wouldn't feel around and notice my hair.
My uncle shouted READY ( gobby ) and ginger came searching. It is really hard not to laugh when he is pumping into everything! Anyway, he found everyone, but couldn't find me!!

We had another couple of games in which I hid .... In the bedroom window, under a bed and behind the T.v

Then they said, it was my turn to count....OH my god, walking around this house in the dark on my own

I waited in the kitchen for what seemed like hours ( about 5 minutes ) then they shouted ready.
First I made my way into the dark living room and felt my way to the settee, no-one behind that. So then I made my way along the corridor into my uncles room. I was just feeling behind the bedroom door when someone grabbed my legs from under the bed.... well that was it, I ran out of the room screaming and bumped into the wall....which made me scream more I was seriously thinking at this point that I was going to wet my knickers!! I tried to creep back into the room to check who it was, but they grabbed my ankles again!! ohhhh my heart. In the end I figured it was my horrible uncle, who knows I don't like his house and think it is spooky EVIL..... next I had to go upstairs and find the others. I was walking down the long corridor and I knew someone was really close, but every time I put my arms out they moved. Then they kept touching my face...then was awful.

After I had found the little ****s, it was my turn to hide.... so I hid on top of my uncles wardrobe, then when my cousin walked into the room ( to find us ) I slapped her in the face with a dressing gown cord she didn't know where I was or whaT had just slapped her in the face Oh what a good night!!

There was only 5 kids playing ..... and 7 adults.... but the house sounded like 12 kids running riot..........happy days.
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