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the life of me
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Why me??????????????

Posted 28-05-2005 at 11:58 by slinky

This could only happen to me. It is a bank holiday weekend and I have got saturday, sunday and monday off work ( this is a first ).
I had everything planned for this weekend. Today was clean up day, tomorrow I was going to take the children somewhere nice and monday we were going to go for a nice meal. HAAAAAAAA thats what i thought. Went out for a meal with the girls from work last night and I had a lovely time. We went to the AGRA in hapton, the best Indian resturant EVER. Hubby came to pick me and my friend up at 11:30pm. Hubby says ''I have some bad news''........mmmmm my nights out usually end with BAD NEWS just to throw a spanner in the works. He said ''I went to get some money out of the bank for some petrol and my card snapped''. OMG I am stuck all weekend with not a penny to my name. It is Bank holiday monday so the banks are shut for 3 days. I could cry i am that annoyed. The big man in the sky has a horrible sence of humour when it comes to me!!!!!!!!!!
So I will be stuck in now all bank holiday cleaning. Wish I had gone to work now at least the bordom would have been eased.
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  1. Old Comment
    garinda's Avatar

    Re: Why me??????????????

    Try tap dancin' in Church St.
    Posted 28-05-2005 at 14:56 by garinda garinda is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Margaret Pilkington's Avatar

    Re: Why me??????????????

    Garinda.......that's daft....... there are no taps in Church St......!
    What you really need to do is hawk your duck on the boulevard.

    Joking apart slinky, that is seriously not funny.......could you borrow some dosh...?
    Oh, and when the banks do open maybe you should get yourself a card.
    Posted 28-05-2005 at 20:15 by Margaret Pilkington Margaret Pilkington is offline

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