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the life of me
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Still no sign of my health returning!!!

Posted 24-11-2005 at 11:54 by slinky

Well yesterday I got up and felt a little better, which I was happy about. The pain in my chest had gone and I felt I could get through the day.
Off I went to work at 2pm, walking into the building, my head felt quite fuzzy, a bit like being tipsy but without the drink. Then at 4pm one of my colleagues had to go home because she was unwell. That left us short staffed and rushed off our feet, just what i didn't need.
Got home at 8pm and felt really lousy again!! So 9pm saw me tucked up in bed with my hot water bottle and strong pain killers again.
Got up this morning to send the kiddies off to school and felt really awful, so i climbed back into bed until 12pm, could have stayed there all day, but, nope I have to go to work again at 2pm. The sheer thought of getting into the shower kills me because, i know it will be cold when I get out again. I have a extra pulse in my head at the moment that throbs with every heart beat, my nose, well i don't see what use my nose is at the moment, I cant even let the smallest of oxygen through it, which has left me with very dry lips with having to breath through my mouth all the time. I still sound like a barking dog when I cough, much to the amusement of my children, and my taste buds have vanished. I made stake and ale pie for tea last night and ginger said " this pie is very strong, you can defiantly taste the ale" mm I might as well have been eating plasticine nothing tasted of anything to me.
Maybe tomorrow I will feel better......but i have been saying this for 4 days now. I am off at weekend, and you can bet your life i will be ill all weekend and then will have recovered by the time I go back to work on tuesday Well must shoot, i am coughing all over the screen, don't want you to catch it
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