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the life of me

driving lesson again!!!!

Posted 23-08-2005 at 13:01 by slinky

Well, I had yet another lesson yesterday. I seem to be relaxing more and more, and the hour seems to fly by more and more.
It was a good lesson, and I think I did very well.
My confidence is blooming at the moment, because if another driver does something wrong, I tut and sigh and mutter to myself how BLOODY incompetent some people are, where as a couple of weeks ago, i probably wouldn't have picked up on their errors.
Anyway my driving instructor is pleased with my progress, and keeps saying I make everything look easy, yesterday i told him "honestly I wasn't born with a steering wheel in my hand" and he said "you could have fooled me!!", so can't be bad.

Anyway off work til Saturday...
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work, work, work

Posted 16-08-2005 at 11:04 by slinky

Well what a week!!!!!! I worked all weekend, then yesterday I was meant to be on a training course (incontinence training!!!NICE)........then today at 2pm I have to go into work for a staff meeting, then I am working Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
Well yesterday i thought!! "no way am I going in for that training course" that would mean all week I would have been in work for one reason or another. PLUS it is school holidays, no-one wants to look after 2 more kids for a day. The Boss at my works has no children (and boy can you tell).
Not that I did anything exciting with my only day off. I managed to get through some much needed washing that had appeared from nowhere, had a brew with tinks, then the day seemed to fly....
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Driving lesson!!!!!!!!!

Posted 12-08-2005 at 13:39 by slinky

Well I had a driving lesson again this morning at 11:45am that turned out to be at 12:20pm. My instructor was late cos he was late for the last person, so it was kind of a knock on effect!!!.
When he turns up late I sit there wondering what I could have possibly done wrong the last time I had a lesson, and think that he has ditched me because I'm really bad. Hehehehe always laughs when i tell him this and I think he does it on purpose now.
Anyway!!! after all the commotion of him being late, he finally turned up and I thought "oh god it's gonna be one of those days".
Actually It wasn't and everything went really well. I drove very well and was very chuffed because, he asked me last week to do reverse round a corner....
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Hangovers from hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 07-08-2005 at 11:19 by slinky

Well I'm feeling a little worse for wear today. Had a couple of friends round last night for a drink, and a couple turned into TOO many. We had a really good natter!!! mainly about driving, she failed her driving test on Friday and we go with the same instructor, so we gabbing about our lessons. It was about 3:30am when we finally called it a night, so this morning my head is banging, my mouth is like the bottom of a birds cage and I feel like sh!t to put it bluntly.
Going out for Sunday lunch today. Going with another couple and their 2 children. We usually go to the gamecock in great Harwood!!! The children just run off and play til it is time to eat and the adults can enjoy a conversation, and a glass of BEER, (runs off to puke at...
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Driving lesson No:4

Posted 02-08-2005 at 16:05 by slinky

Well got out of bed this morning (just) didn't get to sleep til 4am, so was really tired when I had to get up at 7:30am.
My lesson was at 9am. Driving instructor actually looked more tired than me so that was a bonus. Went round ossy mainly today. Did my reversing round a corner, then the dreaded reverse parking. Well it wasn't as BAD as I thought. He taught me some good ways of doing it. Anyway I did it and felt very chuffed with my little self. Then I did it on my own without instruction, and hey presto!!!! I managed.
The hour seemed to fly by again, and I enjoyed it again. He said I am doing very well (he's such a lier) lol. Next one is next Tuesday morning, so i will keep you all posted. Oh and he told me a way of remembering...
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