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the life of me

don't read this it will bore you to tears!!!!

Posted 03-04-2005 at 14:59 by slinky

oh well every one is making a journal about ther life so I think I might.
Ok maybe I won't it isn't really interesting enough to put down in words. And would probably only take one journal entry and that would be it.
Well nothing much to say about this weekend, was really looking forward to it (again) and AGAIN it was a massive FLOP!!. OH well they say nothing turns out as you hoped it would. Back at work tomorrow, then off til next weekend when I have the pleasure of working all weekend (oh lucky me eh?). Kids back at school tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!! yippppeeeeee I think even they are thinking the same now, gets a bit boring for them after 2 weeks off, and zack wants to see his girlfriend cos he says he has missed her awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww,...
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work again......................

Posted 21-03-2005 at 10:54 by slinky

Well back at work today.................had 2 weeks off and it has gone very,very quick but that is usually the case. Didn't help that I was in bed for four days last week with flu!!! anyway not to bother suppose it's what keeps the food on the table. Although after today I am not in again until saturday (lucky me working weekends).
Anyway nothing to report, yesterday was a glorious day and I am just praying that this is the start of things to come. I always feel better in the summer, it gives me a reason to get out of bed.......usually I am still in bed at 10am sending the zzzzzz's out but, in summer I can get us with the birds. Well enough of the waffling better go and dry my hair.
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Getting Better!!

Posted 16-03-2005 at 08:39 by slinky

Well what can I say! FINALLY I am out of bed and back in the world. I have spent the last 3 days in bed (only got up to get a drink, have a wee and feed munch). Not 100% yet but I am 90% better than I was. Thankyou margaret for the thoughtsxxx.
First time I went out of the house for 4 days, I took the kids to school this morning, usually I hate the job but, this morning it was lovely just to get some fresh air into my lungs and, it is quite mild out there so it was a nice walk. Hopefully I can enjoy the last couple of days left of my holiday off work now. The thing that has really got me down is that I couldn't eat anything (and boy do I love my food) so last night the old tonsils were feeling very much better, so I had my tea at 6pm...
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Posted 13-03-2005 at 12:52 by slinky

Well, last week I spent all week getting my bedroom sorted out. I have two weeks holiday off work and thought ''well if I get it done now I can spend all next week relaxing and doing what I want for a change''. MMMMMMM I have ended up with a really bad throat infection, that feels like I am trying to swollow a tree every time I swallow!! a cold sore that is the size of a fifty pence peice, and feel really LOW all round. If anyone has any ideas of how to get rid of either the cold sore or the throat infection please let me know cos I am dying. So now you know!! if you don't see me on the forum for a while it's because I am dying.
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Posted 11-03-2005 at 11:30 by slinky

Well I can finally say ''I FINISHED DECORATING THE BEDROOM''. It looks really nice to my suprise, when I first started painting it I thought ''oh god I hate it'' then I painted some more and thought ''oh no I actually quite like it''. Then I changed my mind again, and again and, again, but this is me all over. Well it's finished and the final verdict, it's very nice and cosy. I have done it deep red, with off white paint work, a white border and new bedroom furnature which is antique pine. Hubby hasn't enjoyed it one bit, because it meant he had to get his hand in his pocket yesterday, because like I said to him ''if i'm going to do it, I'll do it well'' which obviously means that I needed new items for the the new colour scheme. Well he has...
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