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the life of me

Out and about!!

Posted 20-04-2008 at 20:27 by slinky

Well, last night me, Ginger, kids and a couple of our friends and their kids decided to go out for a drive.

Loaded kids into cars, stopped off at McDonalds ... then we headed for Blackpool. It was latish when we arrived in Blackpool, so we had a peek round the arcades, then we went for warm doughnuts ..... Yummy yummy we all walked back to the car eating lovely warm doughnuts. Then the kids wanted to go and see " the biscuit boat " .... so we drove a little down the prom, then pulled up. We walked down to the end, to see the sunken Biscuit boat. It was obviously dark, so we promised we would bring them back when it was day light so they can have a look at it properly.

See'ing that they were disappointed,...
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Posted 17-04-2008 at 21:21 by slinky

I am getting very Impatient now for my holidays.

I have packed, I have packed again....and again and we received the tickets on Monday. Now we are all just waiting around.

I am stuck in that place of " what do i do now " ... I can't have my pre holiday clean up, because the kids are off school, and it would be a waste of time and effort ( 2 lads, clean house?? haha no way ) I am waiting til they go back to school on Monday to do my BIG CLEAN UP.
This week has been very very slow, it doesn't help with 4 kids ( mine and friends who we are going with ) permanently reminding us - how many days there are to go.... every day, every hour

I have even put all my best songs on my...
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Posted 10-04-2008 at 16:13 by slinky

Me and my friend decided to have a stint on the sun beds today. I refuse to be the milky white one stepping off that plane while everyone shouts ( NEW COMERS )

My mate is trying to shed a few pounds too ( lucky for me, I don't have to ) So we decided to walk it to the shop in town.

We went on sun showers then decided to walk home as well ( partly because we were too damn warm to catch the bus, and partly because it might firm our bums up ) and thank god it rained...... it was really refreshing on our sizzling heads

Well, I am sat here resembling a lobster. It always takes a couple of hours to kick in.... my friend has been round and she is even worse and she has...
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Keeping busy

Posted 09-04-2008 at 18:26 by slinky

Well, I have had a couple more busy days.

Yesterday me and my friend ( who we are going on holiday with ) went into town.
We went to Body care and bought all our creams that we will need on holiday. I'm not sure how much I THOUHT I might spend, but heck I didn't think it would come to nearly 50 All I got was sun creams, after sun and other bits and bobs..... but thinking about it after, I think it could have been even more expensive if I had got all this stuff from ASDA.

Anyway it's done now and got. I can start packing them things now.

I still need a few more odds and sods, but we are getting there Only 3 weeks tomorrow to go.

Also, my Laptop died. It would not...
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Sad day!!

Posted 01-04-2008 at 18:59 by slinky

It was our friends funeral today. She passed away last monday, age 59. She had been diagnosed with lung cancer last October.

Even though we knew she didn't have long left, it still comes as a shock when it happens. We were sat on easter monday in our livingroom, when we saw the ambulance outside her house......she had gone!!

That was a week ago, and its been the longest week ever!!! Ginger has been going over every day to check on her Hubby ( I say hubby, they were not married, but after 30 years of being together, they were as good as to me!! But not the government ) thats for another day.

Mrs A, was a lovely women, she would come across to my garden every summer and sit with me for hours chatting...
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