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the life of me

Just another Manic sunday!!

Posted 30-03-2008 at 23:32 by slinky

Bit like Manic Monday, but sunday

Well, Jackyalex was down from County Durham today for a Baptism. She told me she would be down in the afternoon. So I had my Sunday lie in, then got up, had breakfast and a brew, then started the cleaning.

Then my Uncle rings, he will be coming up in 15 mins for a brew and a chat. He turned up, then 10 mins later, Jacky, Alex and their children came. THEN another 2 friends turned up!! FULL HOUSE!! It was lovely seeing Jacky though, I really miss them now they have moved to Durham We chat on here a lot, but it's just not the same.

Anyway. We had tea, ginger went to work, then my mum popped round for a chat.

Sat there chatting, when all of...
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A train trip!! and I survived

Posted 27-03-2008 at 16:52 by slinky

Well, Tuesday, me and a friend decided we would go on a shopping trip to Blackpool. Just a girly shopping trip ( no men, the best kind )
We both needed holiday clothes for May when we venture out to Alcudia.

The only thing about going to Blackpool on our own is that we would have to catch a train
Now I know people find this easy, but you see, me and my friend are very much wrapped in cotton wool where our fella's are concerned. If we need to go somewhere, they just get the car out and take us. So here we were, girls let out on our own!! all the way to Blackpool on our own

I'm sure the fella's were worried about us

So Yesterday morning, we were up bright and early. We had...
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Wedding, Wedding and more Weddings

Posted 19-03-2008 at 18:53 by slinky

Well, my friend is getting married on the 18th October. First time she has organized a wedding and she is like a headless chicken.

I am to be her Chief Bridesmaid, then their is 4 other little girls, 2 of which are her daughters.
My friend has got her dress, we are going to go to look at bridesmaid dresses on saturday.

So the last week has been wedding organizations. THEN, another of my friends called today to say she and her husband are Renewing their wedding vows on the 6th September so this year is gonna be all weddings

Looking on the bright side though.... that's 2 Hen nights and 2 wedding p1ss up's

My friend wants to go to Jamaica for her Honeymoon, and she...
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Hide 'n' seek!!

Posted 21-02-2008 at 14:11 by slinky

In the dark!!

Yes, thats what we played last night at my uncles house

he lives in quite a large house near town. I have always thought his house was quite spooky so, a couple of weeks ago we said we would choose a night and play hide and seek in the dark

He made us all a curry then we all got ready for the game. There was me, Ginger our 2 kids, my uncle, 4 of my cousins, one of my cousins friends and 2 lads who are my eldest 2 cousins boyfriends.

We were all dressed in dark clothing and it was ginger to count first........... we all run off in different directions trying to find the best hiding places ( and there are plenty in this house ) I ran into the girls bedroom and hid between...
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So, I lived!!

Posted 19-02-2008 at 16:38 by slinky

JUST............... Oh what an hang over

We went for a meal to mitali in Accy before we went out this weekend.
It was ok, but I prefer to either eat or drink, not keen on doing the 2 in one night.

Anyway, went to the Abbey. Was in there for about 2 hours with Ginger, mark and Em ( our mates ) and the drink just was not doing what it should be doing. I could tell this because, when we went out for a crafty fag, it was still freezing ( and when the drink is doing it's job, you don't feel the cold ) Anyway, i asked Ginger to get me a Brandy and hot water.... see if that did the trick, hmm nope, so me and friend, sick of being cold and was vodka time well, that was it. After...
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