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the life of me

Been a while ........

Posted 17-01-2008 at 19:28 by slinky

Well, well, well were back in action. I have spent 2 days catching up in the blog department. I have enjoyed it though, always enjoy Margaret's blogs

Well Christmas was a ball's up. When I finished work in October, I planned my Christmas right down to the last letter.
I was really looking forward to it, as I have never been able to spend a full Christmas with my boys because of work commitments. Well all this fell through before Christmas with family problems yet again. Now if my family are good at just one thing its PROBLEMS.

So at that little lot sorted itself out just before Christmas started, then Christmas eve started with the dreaded bug that had reared it's ugly head. Pulled myself together on...
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Nowt new!!!

Posted 16-11-2006 at 12:56 by slinky

Well nothing new to say really. Was working monday, off til weekend.....but haven't done much really.

Managed to move all christmas pressie's round to my mum's, keep the little brats in suspence now. They are at that age when they go on mad searches when I'm out to see what I have got them.

Ginger is sat here at the moment searching through MOUNDS of lights... LEAVE HIM TO It..........

Hoping to have a nice christmas this year. Had to work last year, and I didn't like it one bit. So this year I intend to enjoy my christmas.

Usual christmas really......GINGER in the kitchen, me being entertained by the kids while sat with glass of wine....hmmmmm perfect. I might help him this year,...
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Hey up!!!!

Posted 11-11-2006 at 19:27 by slinky

Look it's me!!!!

Nowt much to say. Nothing much has happened for month's ( not that I'm complaining......had enough in the past to last me a life time).

Went down town today, bought a few christmas pressies mainly stocking fillers. Kids were with me and everything I picked up I had to tell them they were for other people's kids..........things you have to do eh?

It was very wet and very bloody windy. Ended up looking like Pete Doherty on a bad drug day. Bought some flowers, then headed off up to the crematorium. It is 8 years ago today that my dad passed away - actually it is at this time I was told he had died...... tell you what though!! trust him to die on remembrance day ( always was selfish)...
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Nothing much!!

Posted 11-07-2006 at 18:49 by slinky

Well nothing much has happened...Hence why I haven't blogged for ages.
I went to the red arrows air show on saturday with Ginger and the kids, which was really really good. I absolutly love them. We arrived early to allow the kids time to play on the beach, and when we arrived the weather was fantastic........we were there for 2 hours before it started. Just as the show started it began to rain, but even the rain couldn't have spoiled it.

Back to work tomorrow. Went to preston with a friend of mine today, which was a lovely change. We decided to take the train, which made a pleasant change too, and are alot more reliable than the bus, and alot faster. We did catch the nodding donkey there...( you know the train that stops...
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Good do!!!

Posted 16-04-2006 at 17:19 by slinky

Well I have had a great weekend. I went to watch Embrace live at Preston last night, and I have to say I really, really enjoyed it. To be honest I wasn't much in the mood yesterday, and wouldn't have minded if the whole thing was cancelled....BUT!! I'm really glad I went. Guilde hall was packed to the rafters, both sitting and standing! and the atmosphere was fantastic. I bought a poster and a nice T.shirt after the concert!! ( well you have to don't ya). Afterwards me and tinks spent the whole time cat singing the songs all the way home in the car.
Had quite a hang over today.....and didn't quite manage to get out of bed til 1am hehehe. We went for our usually Sunday lunch in Darwen, where I could only manage a pint of coke lol!!...
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