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the life of me


Posted 12-04-2006 at 18:42 by slinky


Well it's my fault really. I have 7 days off work now. Not holidays.....just rota worked out this way. I was ready for a good rest this week, that was until I was sat with a cup of coffee this morning looking into my dinning room and thinking " god i hate that colour of paint. I hated it when i first put it on and I hate it now" Yes you guessed!!! by dinner time I was in Glynn Web buying paint. I started about 2pm and I am pretty pleased with myself. I managed to paint my dinning room, my kitchen and the ceiling in 2 1/2 hours and that was giving dinning room its second coat.
I haven't finished yet kitchen needs about 2 more coats yet, which will be done tomorrow....
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Posted 09-04-2006 at 21:29 by slinky

Oh well, its Sunday again..........and today I can say " I haven't done much at all" and I'm bloody proud of it too .

I work every other weekend, so this weekend is my weekend off. I finished work on Friday and went up to Tinks house for a girlie chat and a beer or 9!! Had a hang over yesterday, which wasn't too bad because I got to lie in. Today I got up about 11am, lounged around in PJ's til 1pm......then got dressed and went out for dinner with ginger, kids, my 2 friends and there 2 kids. This is our normal Sunday when I am off!! and I really enjoy it. I enjoy it more when I get back belly kitchen still clean......ginger goes out to work and I just mong out on the settee for the rest...
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well well!!!

Posted 23-03-2006 at 19:56 by slinky

Sorry haven't updated for a while. Plenty has happened. Got a week off work at the moment, and it hasn't been the best week.

My last day was Saturday, and I had bad tooth ache for 3 days.......( wisdom tooth ouch)......... anyone that knows me will know, I hate dentists, but, by Sunday I couldn't take anymore, so off I went to accy vic and had the ****** ripped out. I don't know why I get worked up, they never ever hurt me, and are always really good with me.... I just guess if you're scared you're scared. So RESULT!! no more tooth ache.....ONLY then I get a bad cold, a stinker of a cold, that only really rears it's ugly head at night. The kind of cold that if I lye on my left side, my left nostril gets blocked, if I lye on...
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Posted 17-02-2006 at 02:15 by slinky

Nothing to say since last time really.............Apart from I'm working faster and harder than I ever have!!!!!!!!!!!!

But then again...I'm working hard and playing hard too.................. not yet!!! but weekend I maybe!!!

Life is getting good..................... Christmas is leaving me!!!! I HATED CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!

But hopefully summer will will be full of good things YET AGAIN!!!!

I LOVE SUMMER!!!!! BUT then again I hate men!!!!!! and summer and men dont go together in my experience.
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LOOK IT'S ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 09-01-2006 at 01:25 by slinky

HEY looks who's back!!! yep it's me. Had a little computer trouble,but, everything is fine now.

Well Christmas was a mixed bag for me. I was working Christmas day, which was's the first time I have left my kids and ginger alone on xmas day, and probably the last if I can help it.
Was off Boxing day, so spent it with in-laws during day, and tinks in evening, which was a laugh.

I worked until 8pm on new years eve, then partied until 5am new years day. Had a bit of a get together at my house, and, although I wasn't drunk..... I still sang like a numpty!!!!! BUT, it was a great night, everyone seemed to enjoy there little selfs.

New years day saw me sat on sofa.....all day long in my dressing...
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