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the life of me

Talking of cats!!!

Posted 06-12-2005 at 00:02 by slinky

I wanted a cat as soon as I moved into my own house. Always a cat lover, but , as it happens I fell pregnant not long after moving into my own house. Me and ginger both decided, babies and cats don't go together very well. You hear of all sorts of things happening, kitty suffocating baby!! so I said i would wait til baby was 3 years old. Hey presto I was pregnant again, and another bambino on the way.

Anyway, when Brad was 3 years old ginger asked what I wanted for my birthday. " A kitty ". Anyway off we went to MOGGIES, a lady that runs a cat rescue HOUSE!! she had loads of cats in this house that she had rescued. Absolutely lovely lady, and , in the end she showed me this little black and white kitten, 7 month old,...
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One thing after another!!!!

Posted 04-12-2005 at 23:16 by slinky

Well, I had to throw a sickie from work today. I have very sore ribs. Not sure if it is due to coughing for 2 weeks solid, or whether i have a infection somewhere. I am off to the doctors tomorrow!!!!
I hate going to the doctors with anything, I must be the easiest patient he has because, If I can avoid it, I bloody well will. I have been Ill for 2 weeks though now, and I need something to get this cough away.

Went around Accy on Friday night, not actually the best night out I have ever had. It is getting sooooo boring now down there. Ended up in the bridge for the last, think i may have stayed the whole of 10 minutes, then made my way home.

Just relaxed today!!! actually, fell asleep on the settee...
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Posted 02-12-2005 at 09:08 by slinky

Got up this morning feeling very tired!!............. ....... Didn't sleep very well.
I have to go into town this morning and, have you seen the weather?

Have to pay some of my own bills, along with my mum's bill's and a list of 'things to get' for her. HOOOOO yeah, send me out in the cold why don't you woman!!! No looking forward to it, I would much rather curl up on the settee, nice hot brew in hand, Hunk next to me!!!! (oh god hope ginger don't read this) hehehe. If cant have hunk on settee, then on T.V will do, but, it has to be Richard Gere, Nigel Harman, Dermot Oleary or Will mellor nothing else will do. Oh well I cant prolong it any more.............. Off I go!!!!
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Happy happy happy

Posted 02-12-2005 at 03:46 by slinky

Well today I am happy!!! happy happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! off all week, working weekend, but, I am still smiling this week. Not sure why I am so happy, but I am just in a good mood!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope my mood stays good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well that's the the blog......................see ya!!
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Posted 29-11-2005 at 12:26 by slinky

Well I am feeling loads better after my bout of flu. That was until yesterday anyway. I got my rota and I working now for the next 2 weekends grrrrrrrrrrr.
I have booked a week off as a holiday from the 11th December. That way i can get the house in order before the sprogglings finish school for Christmas, shop for anything that needs shopping for, and have a bit of me time before I have to work over Christmas.
This year I am working on Christmas day and new years eve. I don't mind working new years eve, at least I can get over my hang over on New years day properly. Last year was a night mare, I had consumed quite abit ( well a lot) of alcohol, and was still very green when I had to go to work at 2pm the next day, NEVER AGAIN!!!!!...
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