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the life of me

Still no sign of my health returning!!!

Posted 24-11-2005 at 12:54 by slinky

Well yesterday I got up and felt a little better, which I was happy about. The pain in my chest had gone and I felt I could get through the day.
Off I went to work at 2pm, walking into the building, my head felt quite fuzzy, a bit like being tipsy but without the drink. Then at 4pm one of my colleagues had to go home because she was unwell. That left us short staffed and rushed off our feet, just what i didn't need.
Got home at 8pm and felt really lousy again!! So 9pm saw me tucked up in bed with my hot water bottle and strong pain killers again.
Got up this morning to send the kiddies off to school and felt really awful, so i climbed back into bed until 12pm, could have stayed there all day, but, nope I have to go to...
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Feeling Bad!!!!!!!

Posted 23-11-2005 at 10:47 by slinky

Well looks like the weather has taken its toll om me yet again.
I woke up yesterday with a very sore chest, and every time i coughed felt like my ribs were caving in. Spent most of the day On the settee with the fire blazing away and still felt cold. So last night I was in bed at 9:30pm with a hot water bottle and some strong pain killers. I did sleep well though, as these pain killers knock me out.

The rest must have done me good, this morning the pain in my chest when i cough has gone, but i still sound like a dog barking when i cough.

Well I am on working for the next three days, so hopefully it will have gone by weekend, then i can enjoy my time off.

Thankfully, i have almost completed my...
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Nowt interesting

Posted 17-10-2005 at 21:44 by slinky

Well thought I would do a blog. Nowt much has happened. The driving is good.........too good, as my confidence is very high now, I really must get a grip of my temper though. Ginger pulled a fast one with me on Saturday. He wanted to go to Burnley for some coal and asked me if I was going to drive, so I asked him if it would be quiet, he said "yes course it will". So off we went, nice little drive, until we hit Burnley round-a-bout, OMG I had forgot Burnley was playing at home!!!!!!! the round-a-bout was absolutely choker, and I hate round-a-bouts at the best of times.........I was absolutely turding myself. But I got through it. There were police diverting traffic everywhere!!!!!!!!! it was awful, but I got a great satisfaction...
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Snookers finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 16-10-2005 at 20:59 by slinky

Oh well snooker has ended once again, and i always get the same feelings of withdrawal when it has ended.
John Higgins beat Ronnie Osullivan 9-2, and I have to say it has a been a fantastic tournament.

I went to Preston Guild Hall on Thursday with Ginger (who isn't really into snooker but came under orders from me!! he he) and 2 other friends. I have been into snooker since I was very very young (due to having a dad that never had it off telly) and it has always been my dream to go watch Jimmy White play. Well on Thursday I got my wish, Jimmy was playing along with some other great players like, Ronnie Osullivan, tonight's winner John Higgins, Stephen hendry etc....... I even managed to get Dennis Taylor and John...
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I have a baby!!!!!!!!

Posted 23-09-2005 at 10:41 by slinky

Not a little crying one!!!!! and baby as in my new car. Yes Ginger got very fed up with me keep going on at him, he has bought me my first baby. She is a Red Corsa 1.4i and I love her very much.
Went out last night in it, and within 10 minutes I was driving her like I had known her all my life. The main thing is I feel very confident in the car, it's little, and it makes me feel safe. I control the car not the other way round, which is why I never liked driving Ginger's Mazda 323f.

Well I went driving last night, and I went everywhere and back again. Ginger said my driving has come on brilliantly to say I have only had 9 lessons, he must have felt safe, he spent more time talking on his mobile phone with his mate than...
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