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the life of me


Posted 20-09-2005 at 12:25 by slinky

Went on my lesson today, it is all going really well. At the end my instructor asked me if I minded him doing a Mock driving test next week. I said no, because it doesn't really bother me. He said I am well up to driving test standard, and that's why he want to do the Mock next week.
I was quite chuffed when he said this, because anyone who knows me, knows that I don't have a great deal of confidence in anything that I do, and always think I'm bad at everything.
I said to him " are you sure"?? and he said " yes of course I'm sure, you have picked all this up very well".
I was thinking it might have taken me at least 100 lessons before my test, and then at least 100 more after I had failed, hehehe....
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Nowt much!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 14-09-2005 at 08:11 by slinky

Hello everyone. Haven't blogged for a while, as I had nowt interesting to say. As it happens I still haven't lol.
Went on another driving lesson yesterday, not doing too bad, instructor is happy with me, but I just feel like I'm not doing the best I can do all the time. Never mind, still enjoying the lessons anyway.
Went back to the tattoo shop on Monday to get the smaller bar put in my lip, it feels loads better with the smaller one in.
They put a bigger one in to allow for swelling, but mine didn't swell (my body is used to it now he he).
My friend who had her top lip done on the same day says hers is still swollen, so she will have to wait to have the smaller one put back in.

Back to work today,...
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another piercing..............................

Posted 09-09-2005 at 15:44 by slinky

Yes thats right.....................went to town with girls from work today for some lunch. well after lunch we got talking about body piercings. my friend S.. wanted her belly button doing, but she was bricking it. i told her that if she got her belly done, I would get my bottom lip done. Well that's what happened, few drinks more and we were in the tattoo shop getting piercings. My mate had her belly button done. My other mate got her top lip done, I got my bottom lip done....................he he he. Well got home, tried to hide it from my mum, but she sussed and went mad lmfao.
I told her that even though i am 25 years old, I'm still allowed to rebel. This is to a woman that won't even have her ears done.
She said "...
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lesson time again............................

Posted 02-09-2005 at 11:24 by slinky

well i went on another lesson today. It went well, but don't think i did as well I usually do. My instructor said everything was fine, But i know I can do better.
Anyway, I went up over the top roads, heading towards the brown cow first, then I turned around and came back over Haslingden way. He said it was to get me used to doing higher speeds, while judging bends. Then I came back over the dual carriageway, onto Burnley road and down into accrington.
Nowt too drastic................and I lived.
It is funny when you are a driver behind a wheel, the amount of knob heads that are on the roads. Rather than wait for a learner driver to pass, they quickly nip in front of you so they don't get stuck behind you. Well i do...
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Posted 29-08-2005 at 12:46 by slinky

Well great start to the Bank holiday. I am nursing a broken little toe today. This all happened yesterday before i went to work.
Was play fighting with ginger, I had no shoes on, but he had his big bloody shoes on. As I walked forward, I walked right into his bloody shoe...............OUCH!!!!!!........the pain was sickening, I couldn't even muster up the strength to say " ouch that frigging hurt" and just stood there for what seemed like ages, moving my mouth while nothing came out.
Anyway, I thought 'oh it will be OK, I have just banged it' and off to work I went.
After about 3 hours on my feet (and a hectic shift), my toe was throbbing like a gooden. On my break at 6pm I took my sock off to have a look at...
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