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Posted 16-08-2005 at 03:58 by Tinkerbelle (So who's Tinkerbelle?)

point made!
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A Week Later

Posted 06-08-2005 at 15:18 by Tinkerbelle (So who's Tinkerbelle?)

It's a week ago today since I got out of the hospital ....... oohhh how alot can happen in a week NOT lol!! It's been a bit like a holiday really, other people in the house doing the mundane tasks that I hate doing at the best of times ........ I'll never be remembered for my domestic skills I do what needs to be done and that's it! It's a family thing I think, none of the women in our family are domestic godesses more like men without the tackle ....... and the wind Lazy with the house work ...... hell yeah!! and proud of it, house work isn't fun and I like fun ...... I might change my mind if i ever see it in someones obituary 'RIP ooohhhh and she did keep a clean house!'

I've spent most of this week sat at the...
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Hospital Adventure

Posted 31-07-2005 at 17:23 by Tinkerbelle (So who's Tinkerbelle?)

I had to blog my little hospital adventure as it all seems such a whirlwind and very surreal now! I woke up Tuesday morning with a tummy ache that I thought was just bad menstrual cramp but as the day wore on I knew it was the dreaded pains back. I had been having bad tummy pains for about 12 month and after a visit to the GP Unit and a visit to the doctor the only explanations were water infections or gall stones I was even sent for an ultra-sound scan to see what was wrong but was given the all clear.

I said my good byes to Rindy in chat on Tuesday night after telling him I was going to find something to do he he he little did I know what it would be! At 5am I woke up in the most excruciating pain I have ever felt (and...
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I need a holiday!

Posted 17-05-2005 at 15:22 by Tinkerbelle (So who's Tinkerbelle?)

What a weird night last night, I went to bed but could I sleep!! The last time I saw on the clock was 3am and the little bit of sleep I had was broken with dreams, weird ones and nice ones. At 5am I was wide awake and could have got up and carried on with the day but I thought, no, I'll only be shattered later. I finally dozed back off until the dog woke me again at 6am having a coughing fit for about a half hour. One of those nights were I wondered why I bothered going to bed! I'm sure garinda will say it's revenge for his sleepless night.

The sun is shining and so much talk of holidays this week, I haven't even thought about one yet, but I know I need one. I can't believe we are in the middle of May already. Last years...
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What A Lovely Day

Posted 15-05-2005 at 20:17 by Tinkerbelle (So who's Tinkerbelle?)

Sunday morning and I was up with the larks for a change, I love my Sunday lie-ins usually. Charlie had to be on a coach for 9am because she was off to Camelot with the Guides. As she was leaving I told her not to put a coat on so she didn't have to carry it all day, even though it was drizzling at the time. I thought she will either be very glad or very mad with me by the time she got home, she said she was glad because it was roasting.
I got on with the more mundane tasks of cleaning up and looked at a bit of college revision but could see it was getting nicer outside. So I packed up the kids in the car and dropped in on Slinky we sat in the garden quietly nattering, until a flying water balloon just missed us by inches. Slinky...
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