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aaww my head!

Posted 13-05-2005 at 12:25 by Tinkerbelle (So who's Tinkerbelle?)

I have the hangover from hell. Dirty, dirty beer I'm never drinking again!
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Blow Out Time

Posted 12-05-2005 at 12:45 by Tinkerbelle (So who's Tinkerbelle?)

Feeling better today. Spent some time with my darling little 2 year old neice and 7 month old nephew. Nothing like small kiddies to bring a smile to your face! I don't think Ebony was impressed with my artistic skills when I drew a house, car and tree for her, I'm hopeing she was saying "wots dat" whilst she was pointing at them and not actually saying "crap" which is what it sounded like lol!

I realised today all I need is a break from the daily grind so a visit to good old Slinky and we are off out tonight on the razz! I have already informed all the emergency services to let them know we are on a blow out. CCTV guys are rubbing their hands together at the thought of the over time that they will be...
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Damn Weather!

Posted 11-05-2005 at 18:38 by Tinkerbelle (So who's Tinkerbelle?)

Not feeling my usually happy self today, I have a cracking head ache with the weather, nothing is working out right and I'm weighed down with college work, roll on the 6th of June when I can forget about college for a while.

Slinky came for a visit this morning ,we had a laugh which cheered me up but as soon as I closed the door behind her I could feel the dreaded doom set in, I suffer really badly when the weather can't decide what to do, I get moody and feel generally quite ill and tablets don't ease it, hopefully it will settle as the evening goes on.

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Try Again

Posted 29-03-2005 at 13:02 by Tinkerbelle (So who's Tinkerbelle?)

More babble I think !
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