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I think Ive managed to crack it !!

Posted 23-07-2006 at 11:55 by ukcowboy

Well peeps I think Ive done fags for me since 30th April, cravings gone, no more patches or nicotine inhilator, feeling good, not out of breath all the time............but still on my guard!!

Only get slight cravings when having a pint, but have been told that this is the hardest part of giving up!!

Thanks to all of you for your messages of support and a HUGE thanks to all the Staff at Accy Vic Quitters works!!


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Harwood Red's Idea!!

Posted 14-05-2006 at 11:19 by ukcowboy

Well I have decided to put Harwood Reds idea re trying everything behind the bar to see what tastes the best to the infact, off to the Crown for lunch!!

Will report back when Im sober!!
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Now on week 3!!

Posted 13-05-2006 at 07:19 by ukcowboy

Well firstly I must thank you for your messages of support..............quite unexpected but very much appreciated, so thankyou

So far so good, not had a fag for a fortnight now, can smell things better,taste things better, can now actually walk briskly upstairs without getting out of breath( just dont ask me to run tho!!!!), all in all feelinn pretty good..................apart from one tiny little thing ,

I was told that things would start to taste differently after a few days, and in all honesty they do, and for the most part Ive really enjoyed the experience, BUT...................... I am most upset that I DONT like the taste of John Smiths anymore..................good god I even sent two...
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Giving up smoking today!!

Posted 30-04-2006 at 13:59 by ukcowboy

Well today I have given up smoking ,for what I hope will be the last time!..........have tried before but allways failed after a few days.

Went to the smoking cessation clinic at Accy Vic yesterday, and met some really nice people who are gonna help me through the hard parts, was told about the withdrawal symptoms and to be honest they sound bloody horrible, worse than the fags?

So now armed with patches and inhilator I feel ready to take the plunge............have not had a fag since 9am yesterday (Sat 29th April), not long I know but for a 40+ a day smoker its one hell of a jolt to your system!!

Just hope I dont **** of the wife too much in the coming days/weeks!!

Well wish me luck...
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