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They think it's all over........

Posted 29-12-2005 at 19:08 by West Ender

Well, that's another Christmas been and gone. Phew!

The Christmas tree is still looking good, we've watered it and it hasn't dropped any needles. The holly on the mantlepiece still looks quite fresh but I only picked it on the 24th so it hasn't had time to dry out. The cards are still on the door and up the bannisters, you can't beat Blue-tack. I'll have the whole lot down by this time next week.....Yeah!

Today might have been, but fortunately wasn't, one of my most embarrassing ever. A young couple bought the house opposite about 9 months ago and they have had builders in ever since, building an extension on the side and doing lots of interior alterations. Just before Christmas they moved in. They put a card through the door and, said my daughter, there was a note on it inviting us and other neighbours over for drinks at 3 p.m. on the 29th, by way of introducing themselves.

Comes a quarter to 3 today my daughter and granddaughter have changed into nice clothes and are ready to go. I said I wasn't going to bother changing as I would only stay half an hour. We didn't want to be first to arrive so I watched their front door for signs of other visitors. By 5 past 3 nobody had turned up so I asked my daughter if she was quite sure the invitation was for today as I hadn't seen it myself. We have about 60 cards stuck up so she set about finding the right one. She found it and read it. The invitation was for the 29th - of January.

If I hadn't been inspired to ask her to check, we would have turned up on the doorstep like idiots. I can imagine the scene - us standing there expectantly, waiting to be asked inside, them staring at us blankly and wondering what we wanted. What a way to get to know your new neighbours!

So, there's just New Year to go and then it's all back to normal. Snow, ice, frost, fog, rain and gales - all of them likely to arrive in the next few months. Then there'll be a few weeks of Spring, Summer and Autumn and - Oh No! - it'll be Christmas again.
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