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Gee, It was Fun in the Horse-pickle. part 2

Posted 22-01-2008 at 17:47 by West Ender

I was admitted to ward B17. This was fine except that ward B17 was, in fact, acting base for ward A7 which was having to be deep-cleaned due to scandalous amounts of muck detected there the week earlier.

I was in a bay with 5 other women. Mrs Bhatti had gone into hospital in September to have her gall-bladder removed. Since then every part of her body seemed to have been attacked, in sequence, and she had never gone home. Being Hindu and vegetarian she had a bit of a problem with the food but as she had very little appetite anyway it didn't seem to matter very much.

Edith sat in one of those electronic beds all day, wired at every orifice. She didn't say much but every visiting time about a dozen people crowded round her bed and she never shut up. Next to me was Sue, hooked up to Oxygen like me, who kept telling me she wanted to go for a smoke. Opposite, a young woman named Gemma who either watched her TV with the sound on loud, slept clutching an oxygen mask or moaned in pain. No one seemed to take much notice of her, not least the staff.

On the Saturday it must have been decided that ward A7 was now clean enough and the great migration started. I was plonked into a wheelchair and pushed at speed along corridors and up in the lift, arriving on the real ward A7 to find my bed, locker and chair already in situ.

On the new (old) ward we were arranged as before but Sue went home and Peggy, 85, poorly and very depressed, got her bed. Next to Gemma 87 year old Phoebe was installed, very confused and crying out, every now and then, in a strange bird-like voice and a language that was barely recognisable as English.

The staff were kind. They were friendly. They did what they had to do. Ward A 7 had 8 bays, men and women, each with 6 beds mostly occupied. There was not sufficient staff for real, old-fashioned nursing. There were stats to be completed, treatments to be carried out, drugs to be dealt with, there was little time for smoothing creased sheets, the little touches of TLC.

Then Gemma went home and ......... Pat errupted on to the ward; the smallest, oldest woman with the loudest bellow of "NURSE!" you ever heard - "NURSE, I've passed urine. NURSE, I want to open my bowels. NURSE, I can't eat this muck. NURSE, I can't cope. NURSE!"

Pat was very lucky to survive her first night on ward A7 because I came close to killing her at midnight, 2 a.m. and 5 30 a.m. when she had her bellowing times. Pat did not like being awake and not being attended to. When all else failed, she would start "talking" to her mother. That didn't work either.

To be continued
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  1. Old Comment
    Margaret Pilkington's Avatar
    I am waiting for the next episode......I am a sucker for Horsepickle drama' it going to get like ER....oooh I hope so!
    Posted 22-01-2008 at 18:39 by Margaret Pilkington Margaret Pilkington is offline
  2. Old Comment
    harwood red's Avatar
    Not sure if it was really tasteful, but found myself laughing, oops, sorry

    NURSE!! NURSE!!!
    Posted 22-01-2008 at 23:11 by harwood red harwood red is offline
  3. Old Comment
    lettie's Avatar
    Hehehehe... I've looked after a few Pats in the past and they are not necessarily old women. If you feel that the ward was short staffed then write to the chief exec and say so. Nobody listens to the staff when they complain about staffing, maybe patients will have better luck. :-)
    Posted 23-01-2008 at 07:28 by lettie lettie is offline
  4. Old Comment
    slinky's Avatar
    Oh I really enjoyed that off to read the next one now.... can't wait hehehe
    Posted 24-01-2008 at 19:57 by slinky slinky is offline

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