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Posted 25-09-2009 at 22:26 by West Ender

I've been and bought the pressure washer. I went to Homebase and it was 10% Off Everything Day so I got it for 63, which isn't at all bad, and of course you get Nectar points now too.

Yesterday I finally got the items I ordered weeks ago from Easylife. They are one of those firms who put out small catalogues with gadgets and things in. I had ordered an electronic can-opener, one of those where you just touch a button and the can gets opened, a small folding step and a garden kneeler/seat thingy. The latter is great, it folds flat but, when opened, if you put it one way up it's a comfortable kneeler for weeding etc. Turn it the other way up and it's a seat. It's ideal for me as I have to sit down more when I'm gardening, these days, than I'd really like. I'll be able to sit on it and gun the patio.

The can-opener is, as yet, untried as it takes 4 AA batteries (Not Supplied) and we only have 3 -absolutely typical! I meant to get some at Homebase but - I forgot. The little step is great. I can't reach the top shelves of my kitchen cupboards and it's a bind getting the kitchen steps out every time I want a packet of sugar or whatever but the little step is just right. It's only about 8" high but that's just enough to boost me. It can fold up, when not in use, but I haven't bothered to fold it as with me and Laura in the house it's going to be well used. To be honest, the way she's growing I doubt she'll be using it for many more years. I reckon she'll be about the same height as her mum, which is 5'7. Anyway I'll be using it until either it cracks up or I do.

On my way home from town, this afternoon, I took a detour to pass the spot where poor Gareth was killed. I wasn't being morbid or rubber-necking, I just felt I wanted to know where it happened as photos in the Press were a bit ambiguous. There were floral tributes but they were near the entrance to a farm, not near a tree though the reports said the car hit a tree. The road there is dead straight and it's a quiet country road. It was daylight and there's been no accusation that the driver had been drinking so God alone knows what happened.

When I got back the boys from next door were squatting on my patio. No, they're not latchkey kids or teenage trespassers, they are cats. Tinker, a tabby, has come round here since he was a kitten (he's a gangly teenager now) and he aquired a younger brother a couple of months ago. This brother is Meeko, very shy and jet black with green eyes, and the pair of them are inseperable.

Tinker has long regarded my house as a hotel and dashes in, at every opportunity, to gobble our cat's food before I can whisk it away. If our cat sees him she smacks him round the chops but we think he rather likes it! He's now trying to teach Meeko that it's quite safe to come in our house, as we love cats, and the food is good. Tinker will also, if possible, go upstairs and avail himself of one of our beds for a siesta but he has been known to settle for an armchair if the door's shut. Meeko has a healthy wariness of most humans (it is believed his mother was feral) but loves my garden as it has "interesting bits", like pampas grasses and an eminently climbable apple tree.

Anyway, there they were, looking in through the French window. Tink saw me and put his paws on the sill and miaowed while Meeko backed off and looked a bit perturbed. I got the equivalent of The Finger from Tink, when I didn't open the door for him, and he stalked off with all the dignity that a cat whose back legs are slightly too long for his body can muster. He'll be back tomorrow.
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    shillelagh's Avatar
    Ive a visitor like yours .. except mines called thomas and hes grey with a white chest .. and hes used our house as his second home ... since he was first allowed out .. he had my mum wrapped round his paws ... and now he has spugs wrapped round em ...
    Posted 30-09-2009 at 23:40 by shillelagh shillelagh is offline

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