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Posted 04-10-2009 at 20:24 by West Ender

It's officially Autumn, we've put the garden table and chairs in the garage. We only ate out once this year and we haven't used the barbecue since 2007. Climate change? It's not global warming, not in Lymm anyway.

Nik finished off the cleaning with the new pressure sprayer this afternoon. The flags under the table and chairs were getting slippery with a film of algae from all the wet. They're clean now and it all looks very nice.

The cat's not very happy. She likes to be outside and, when the table's there with its big umbrella, she sits on the table and is sheltered. Now, when she gets caught in the rain, she's going to have to sit under a bush. You can't look regal and sniff the air like a duchess from under a bush.

The boys from next door will miss the table too. Tinker had developed a great gymnastic feat this year. The table was beside a buddleia bush, much frequented by butterflies, and a couple of branches got underneath the umbrella. Tink would sit on the table until a butterfly settled then leap in the air to catch it (usually missing it), twist in mid-air and land on the ground on all 4 paws. Meeko has only used the table to lurk under, so far, and has done the same with Laura's trampoline. That's going in the garage next week - poor Meeko.

Laura was at her dad's today. It was Harvest Festival at the church where Nik runs Brownies so she had to go to the service, with her mum, but went to her dad's straight afterwards - she goes every other Sunday. She came home with a new clarinet!!!!! The one she had, which he bought her, was a very nice instrument. The new one is a proper wood one with a very fancy carrying case and it does have a much more mellow tone but she didn't need it! Money can't buy love, as the Beatles said, him being in his daughter's life for her first 3 years would have counted much more.

It's Laura's bowling birthday party next Saturday then, the following Saturday, it's Claire's 21st party. Nik and I have joined to buy her some gold, drop earrings with a small diamond in each. I asked Jo what Pete's bought her and - you'd better believe it - he's got her a Nursing book she's been wanting. How romantic! - he's definitely a chip off his late grampa's block. Claire is in her last year at uni, before she qualifies as a psychiatric nurse, but she's at the University of Chester, Warrington campus, so she commutes daily. She should soon have another hospital placement which, with luck, won't be too far away. She was at the Warrington psychiatric hospital last year but she may have to go further afield this time.

I hear that Otis is doing well. He has a trick, apparently, of going half way up the open staircase then dropping, through the spindles, on to the leather sofa below and attacking the cushion he lands on. Give it 12 months and that sofa will be in shreds - and it's Claire's dad's. They'll learn!
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  1. Old Comment
    shillelagh's Avatar
    they'll be buying a throw to chuck over it when he visits ..
    Posted 04-10-2009 at 22:46 by shillelagh shillelagh is offline

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