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Posted 09-10-2009 at 21:08 by West Ender

It won't be long now until the clocks go back for the Winter. I hate that, wish we kept on BST all year, and just keep counting the days 'til we put them forward again. I'm definitely a Summer person.

We've had some lovely weather this week, a couple of wet days but mostly beautiful sunshine and I've got the grass cut, hopefully the last time for a few months.

I love the Autumn colours. My virginian creeper is blood red and it looks gorgeous next to the white pampas grass plumes. The plume on the new pink flowering pampas plant (I only got one plume, its first) broke in the wind 2 days ago.

I had a little walk over the fields this afternoon, along the public footpath - very slowly. The 2 big fields are all ploughed and, presumably, drilled ready for next year's crop of....whatever. Met a neighbour (from 2 streets away) on my way back, walking with his 2 border collies. I hadn't seen him for several months and we stopped for a chat. After half an hour I knew all about his wonky knee, his chiropracter and his dentist, his son's skill with car body repairs, his opinion of the NHS and his wife's brother in law. Lovely chap but he can talk for England.

I have picked all the tomatoes off my plants which were growing outdoors. I have about 7 lbs of red ones, in the fridge, and about the same of green ones. I've looked out a green tomato chutney recipe, no point in wasting them. The pumpkin is still growing a bit. It's going a bit orange but not too much and I won't pick it until the first proper frost. I still have a few home grown carrots left but we ate all the potatoes. The odd thing is the apple tree had very little fruit this year. Usually it's laden and I spend hours peeling and chopping for the freezer but not this year. I got plenty of gooseberries though and some nice blueberries.

So now we slide towards Winter. This year, at least, we have a very clean patio and it won't be too long before I'm planting seeds again ready for next Summer. Oops, that reminds me, I must plant out the wallflower seeds I collected. They'll make a lovely display in Spring.

A couple of photos; my pumpkin and bit of my garden (taken from my kitchen). I'm having a bit of trouble posting pictures so apologies for the size.

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