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Let There Be Light

Posted 28-07-2009 at 14:37 by West Ender

I've lived in my house for 30 years. It's on a corner and next door, round the corner, is a large bungalow with a very large garden. A public footpath runs alongside and behind my garden and it also borders next door.

When we first bought this house the conifers on the side of the neighbours' property were already about 15' tall. There were 6 on the side next to my road and another 5 alongside the footpath, right next to my side garden. I have no idea how tall they grew to be but for at least 10 years my breakfast room has been very dark as the trees were only about 12' away. We're on a hill, too, so their roots were on a level with my window sill.

Anyway the lady next door died about 10 years ago and her...
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Passed away 25-11-09
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Posted 19-07-2009 at 20:46 by West Ender

It was the music teacher's concert this afternoon. Laura was playing her clarinet while about 10 other children, 4 from her school, were doing piano pieces.

The concert was held in a church hall in Warrington. Some of the children had only been learning music a short time so their pieces were very simple but one or two played more advanced pieces.

Each child did 2 tunes to start with then another two later in the programme. Laura's first two were "Scarborough Fair" and "Puff the Magic Dragon". She played beautifully, every note perfect, and finished each one with a big smile. Her second set, "Never Dance With an Elephant" and "Ballad For Mr Blue" was just as good. She...
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Passed away 25-11-09
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Roofs, Pumpkins, Unruly Grass and Grandkids

Posted 17-07-2009 at 22:01 by West Ender
Updated 17-07-2009 at 22:04 by West Ender

It's been quite a full week and I'm looking forward to a bit of a lie-in, tomorrow, and a fairly restful day. It would be nice to look forward to some sunshine but, judging by what has dropped out of the sky over the last 12 hours, that's unlikely.

At least I can rest assured that, despite the deluge, my kitchen will remain snug and dry. Twenty five years ago we had the kitchen extended. The extension measures 9' X 15' and has a flat roof (well, it slopes about 6") and the builder said the roof would need attention in about 20 years. It has, in fact, been great and there hasn't been a problem but I noticed all the shingle had come off and the felting looked raggy.

I contacted a local flat roof specialist a week...
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Posted 09-07-2009 at 20:37 by West Ender

Well, you asked for this. I promise I won't inflict much more on you.

Here's a short story I wrote about 20 years ago. Again it's a true story and it was published in a Revenue magazine. I wrote several of these - for when I write my "James Herriot book" about my job (oh, if only....).

The telephone on our bank of desks rang. Jackie answered and nodded to me. “It’s her again,” she said, giving me the name and reference number. I sighed as I picked out the yellow concard from my drawer and found her file on a nearby shelf. I went to the enquiry counter.

“Hello, Bessie”, I said, trying to look enthusiastic.

On the other side of the high, wooden...
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Untitled 2

Posted 08-07-2009 at 20:24 by West Ender

OK, I've skipped a couple of chapters and I'll put just one more extract here. We've reached 1916, about a year before the very first chapter of the story as I've written it. There's been a marriage, a cot death and 5 more births in between and the family are now living in Penistone in Yorkshire.

The wind was blowing, cold, from the moors as they laid Lizzie in the ground. The small knot of mourners stood with heads bowed as the vicar spoke.
“And so we commit to the Earth the body of our sister, Elizabeth”.
“Why did he say that?” Harry thought to himself. “She’s not our sister, she’s our mam, was our mam, I mean.” He gripped Teddy’s hand tighter and stared at the plain pine box, now laid in the deep hole....
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