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a little bit of a somewhere for me to ramble on more than usual
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The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Posted 10-01-2006 at 16:52 by WillowTheWhisp

Well there's nothing like being optimistic is there?

Last night I watched Paul McKenna and have made note of his four basic rules. I don't think there's any breach of copyright in me repeating them here:

1. Eat when you're hungry.
2. Eat what you really want, not what you think you should have.
3. Enjoy each mouthful.
4. Stop when you think you're full

Like most people on the show, to me that sounded like a recipe for disaster but he promises it will work. I think my main problem is actually trying to identify when I'm hungry, to make the destinction between actually feeling a need for food and having a desire to taste something. In the past I've tried to be quite rigid with myself and eat by rules, most of which began "Thou shalt not......" This morning I wasn't quite sure if I wanted breakfast or not so I didn't have any. About the only rule I'd had drummed into me in the past which began "Thou shalt" was "Thou shalt eat breakfast!" I was told that if I didn't eat breakfast my body would slow down. Now Paul McKenna is saying only eat breakfast if you feel hungry.

So, I think back and I remember that when I was younger (and thinner) I wasn't particularly a breakfast eater. This morning I didn't eat breakfast, then later I felt like a chewy biscuit so even thugh that sounded like the worst thing on earth to help me lose weight I had one. I ate it in tiny little bites and chewed and savoured every mouthful. Made me feel quite guilty and wicked actually! lol

I had to go into town during the morning and popped into Boots to weigh myself on the scales there. I daren't post what the weight was but suffice it to say that it was beyond "quite heavy" and "podgy" and more on the lines of "omigosh!" Not that I was under any illusions. I am similar in shape to the Vicar of Dibley. Don't weigh yourself again for 3 weeks he said, so I won't.

At dinner time I felt like prawn salad sandwiches (yes that was plural and I ate both but I did savour every mouthful). My second problem is that I'm not very good at knowing if I feel full or not so I thought I'd better have a biscuit just to check. Then I stopped. I can see this is going to be the main problem knowing when I'm hungry and when I'm full because I've been so used to ignoring that in the past, mainly the "I want food" signals because I was denying myself food in order to lose weight, even though I know the theory that if you do that you send signals to your body that there's a famine so it goes into "storage mode" and starts to accumulate fat cells.

In the past the only advice I've ever had has been along the lines of "eat less" and that simply hasn't worked. In fact I've just ended up getting fatter and fatter. This new approach makes perfect sense because it goes along with all the things I already know about how metabolism and digestion work.

I wish I'd tried this last year because I would have loved to be slimmer for the wedding.

In spite of all the "technical hitches" along the way we did manage to get everything sorted out for the day and, as everyone who came knows, we had a lovely day for it.

The balloon-phobic wife of Busman's best man, Andy didn't come but he did along with other guests from "dahn sahth". Molly's ankle injury did prevent her from coming (in fact she's still limping even now) but her daughter, Jemma got the flowers and she arranged them at home and then Jemma brought them to church and they were beautiful. My friend Sylvia conducted the music for us and did an excellent job.

The delightful lady who stepped into the shoes of our doubled-booked organist was a gem. She is such a tiny person however that her feet barely touched the organ pedals and in order to play she had to scoot from side to side of the organ bench to reach the relevant ones. When she came over to practice we discovered that the bench was a touch wobbly and was in danger of collapsing as she shot back and forth along its length. We made an emergency plea to the Bishop to get it fixed before the big day - and it was. Otherwise I had visions of her scooting off the edge and shooting out into the congregation!

The choral group turned into a choir of young women headed by Nick and Linda (a teeny bit older) and they sang "Love me Tender" with a specially adapted verse sung by the dynamic duo for the occasion. That brought tears to many an eye ............. no not because of the quality of the singing!

We did have a minor panic with the bridesmaids dresses which kept popping open at the back so we sewed them up in the end!

Mimi was in charge of making sure the Best Man didn't lose the rings and they were tied with ribbons onto a ring cushion (which I'd made in the same colours as my dress and the bridesmaid dresses and which took me flippin ages to make) so that all he had to do was pick them up and pass them to us. Simple? Nope. He took one end of the ribbon and Mimi took the other end so instead of loosening the bow they actually pulled it tighter and couldn't get the ring off! In the end Bishop's wife found a pair of manicure scissors in her handbag and cut it loose. Needless to say they didn't make the same mistake with the second one. People at the front could see what was happening and were having a bit of a giggle but people further back must have been puzzled about what was going on.

The photographer was a scream. Every time he positioned us for a photograph he said "Luvly, luvly, that's luvly. Very nice that, luvly. Oh yes luvly, luvly" At one point when he was doing a group he looked at the lot of us and said "Oh yes, very nice." but then proceeded to shuffle people around so Robin and I decided that although it had been very nice it must not have been "luvly".

A bunch of us (family and bridesmaids etc) went up to Queen's Park for some more photos whilst the bulk of the guests made their way to The Observatory where we had our reception. We didn't expect to be long at the park but it didn't help that our chauffeur got the wrong end of the stick and took us to Queen's Park Hospital! Why would we want photographs outside the hospital? By the time we got to the park those who had gone in their own cars were wondering what on earth had happened to us but had a good laugh when they found out and of course the fact that we'd finally arrived was "luvly" and the photographer was in his element once more. Poor Busman had to pose for one with his leg halfway up a tree for artistic effect. At that point the camera went on the blink and the photographer spent ages fiddling with it whilst Busman developed a cramp in his leg!

Finally we got all the photos done and made our way to the reception. I bet people thought we were never coming. Where was the manageress? She wasn't there! Those who were on duty didn't seem to know much about wedding receptions and all our instructions about the drinks for toasts etc hadn't been passed on so that was all a bit higgedly piggeldy and I'm not sure if everybody got one, but that was really the only thing that actually went wrong on the day. Oh yes and the cake cutting. They looked rather vague at the idea that they were supposed to cut the wedding cake up into pieces for the guests. We'd also forgotten to take our silver wedding cake cutting knife to be photographed with so had to make do with an ordinary one from the kitchen. Now most places that do wedding receptions do actually have a knife themselves and maybe the Obs does and the girls on duty just didn't know where to find it.

We put our own pieces of the cake on the dashboard of the car when we left the reception but my window was open and as we rounded a bend they slid along the front and gaily departed out of the window so to this day I have no idea what that cake tasted like but it did look beautiful.

We left the reception with the idea of being on our way to our overnight destination before the girls came home with aunt and uncle who were staying here for the night and then taking them on holiday but we got so caught up in opening pressies and reading cards that we were still here when they got back much to their surprise.

I'm thnking about food now but I don't kniw if that's because I'm hungry or because I've been writing about wedding cake so I'll follow another one of Paul, McKenna's tips and have a glass of water and see if that makes any difference. He says that sometimes when we think we are hungry we are actually thirsty.

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  1. Old Comment
    harwood red's Avatar

    Re: The First Day of the Rest of My Life

    "look into my eyes!! You will hardly feel hungry!!"" Only joking, if it works I'll have a piece of it too!! Sounds like you had a fab wedding
    Posted 11-01-2006 at 00:38 by harwood red harwood red is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Margaret Pilkington's Avatar

    Re: The First Day of the Rest of My Life

    Willow...good luck with the new lifestyle...and Paul McKenna. A lot of what he says makes sense.

    Your wedding sounded really special......and don't look back and wish you were were as you were.....and Busman loves you. That is all that matters.
    Posted 11-01-2006 at 14:31 by Margaret Pilkington Margaret Pilkington is online now

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