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a little bit of a somewhere for me to ramble on more than usual
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It's a war I tell ya!

Posted 16-01-2006 at 00:12 by WillowTheWhisp

Dont' take the posticon too seriously but I'm having a jokey at this week. Why oh why oh why was I at a party last night which included a buffet with the most delicious and mouthwatering selection of goodies you have ever laid eyes on? I'm trying to lose weight!!!! Why have I been nowhere near food when I felt peckish and was supposed to eat?

It's almost a week since the Paul McKenna prog and I have specifically NOT weighed myself again because he said not to, and I have been chewing my food like I've never chewed in my life before. I'm taking twice as long to eat things as everybody else but I am certainly not eating anywhere near as much in one meal. I simply can't. I get to a stage when I've got loads left on the plate and there is no way I can possibly eat another mouthful. If this is what chewing and putting your fork down between mouthfuls does for you then I wish I'd done it for years. Tonight I only managed half a pork chop and the veg.

I am not going to turn this blog into a long bore about weight loss but I must just add that I treated myself to a new set of scales ths week which also measure body fat percentage and water. Now I'm actually very interested in the water part because I've got problems with water retention and there are times when I feel a lot more bloated so I want to check if the scale measures a difference at those time and so far it has fluctuated 2% between a fairly bloated feeling and a not quite so bloated feeling so the scientific evidence does seem to back up what I am experiencing.

Busman got me a pressie too well I'd seen this in the shop and dropped heavy hints, in the Hyndburn Stray Dogs in Need shop on Abbey Street. It's an excercise bike, and a good one. I used to have one years ago but it was one of those assemble it yourself things that you send for out of the paper and it was next to useless. This is a proper one with a front wheel and gears and everything. With my knees it's difficult to do a lot of excercise at present but to be able to cycle without the risk of falling off which could happen with an outdoor bike and the weight on my joints doesn't lend itself to walking but this way I can get a bit aerobic whilst sitting down.

The party last night was to celebrate the 89th birthday of a friend from church. We had a great time and lots of laughs. You should have seen us playing Charades! Lots of remeniscing too, especially from the older folks and at the end we all ended up singing songs I didn't know I knew. It was a great night but shame Busman couldn't be there because he was working. He was only there to drop me off and pick me up again. I did bring him some birthday cake and chicken legs home though to compensate.
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    harwood red's Avatar

    Re: It's a war I tell ya!

    I hope he chewed them chicken legs properly then
    Posted 16-01-2006 at 00:24 by harwood red harwood red is offline

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