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a little bit of a somewhere for me to ramble on more than usual
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There and back again (or, Chorley is 3 bus rides away!)

Posted 23-01-2006 at 09:32 by WillowTheWhisp

Having Busman all to myself for a change this weekend (no private hire jobs) I decided to take advantage of this and get him to run me over to Chorley after the girls' dance class so I could pick up a copy of PAF (Pesonal Ancestral File - computer prog for family trees) at the church distibution centre. The girls came with us but Mimi stayed in the car listening to something on the radio.

I got my CD and Em got herself a "scripture tote" for putting her stuff in to take to church on Sundays. We also went mad and bought a copy of the Book of Mormon in German. She is learning German at school and I used to be fairly fluent so we thought it would be a challenge to try to read it. We've always got the English version to refer to when we get stuck.

The girls asked to be dropped off in Accy when we got back so they could spend more money in town and we came back home to do some work.

Later Mimi spotted the scripture tote that her sister got and decides she would like one. Why couldn't she have thought that when we were still in Chorley? The chances of having Busman free to take us again when the distribution is open are remote so that means a trip by bus, or rather three buses! She'll have to wait.

Now I've got my CD all I have to do is install the program and then get all my family tree onto it, which is going to be quite a job. I'll have to remember to make back-up copies every so often too, just in case. I did once have it all on the PC up at the Family History Centre in Rawtenstall but the thing got reformatted. During the February half term I'm hoping to take the girls up the the FHC and get them inspired to do some searching themselves.

We've booked a holiday. It was a bit spur of the moment. Last year we had promised that we would take the girls abroad, but we never got round to it and the best they managed was a trip to Woollacombe with Busman's sister and her husband whilst we were on honeymoon. They loved it. However, we did say that we'd look at going somewhere with them this year. Not too foreign because they are very fussy eaters. We'd been looking at Spain and Portugal but then we saw Malta and it just sort of seemed ideal. The beach looks gorgeous, the hotel has indoor and outdoor pool, half board with food the girls will eat. So we booked it. There's only one slight snag. It's in May and although it was aimed at the half term hols it overruns by 2 days and they'll need two days off school. Now I know we should have asked first but there's a heck of a lot of children take more than 2 days off so I hope it will be OK. Fingers crossed.
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