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a little bit of a somewhere for me to ramble on more than usual
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I'm not going to scream, I promise I'm not.

Posted 06-04-2005 at 22:00 by WillowTheWhisp

I thought the main problem we had regarding the wedding was the best man's wife and her balloon phobia. Oh how wrong can you be?

I've just had a phone call this evening - was I aware that my friend who was going to conduct the music, organise the choir/singing group who are supposed to be doing a little musical item for us and also doing the main floral arrangement for inside the chapel has just been brought home from Portugal with a broken foot?

Apparently she fell down a marble staircase. Now don't get me wrong. I didn't immediately think "omigosh, wedding plans gone to pot!" I thought "Oh poor thing how awful." and only after I was sorting out when visiting times were so that I can go and see her did it begin to dawn on me how much she was going to feature in the wedding plans!

I'm told that her foot is so badly damaged that she will be out of circulation for at least six weeks and the wedding is five weeks away, so she may not even be able to attend as a guest let alone participate. So now I'm trying to madly think who can step in at the last minute to do any, some or all of those things and hope that they won't mind being asked at the last minute.

And you thought Charles & Camilla were jinxed? I tell you I'll be glad when this wedding is over and we can relax in Tunisia, but I am NOT going on a camel no matter what Busman says.

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  1. Old Comment
    -pixie's Avatar

    Re: I'm not going to scream, I promise I'm not.

    Oooh...I am sending happy calming thoughts your way. This time next year it will be me thats stressing (and probably becoming a bridezilla!)
    As for the balloons, warn her in advance, she might even treat it as some sort of therapy!
    Posted 07-04-2005 at 07:58 by -pixie -pixie is offline
  2. Old Comment
    garinda's Avatar

    Re: I'm not going to scream, I promise I'm not.

    l don't envy you two all this hassle, lol!
    I love choral music, if it's sorted l 'll definitely be blubbing at the back of the Church, sorry in advance.
    Posted 07-04-2005 at 08:52 by garinda garinda is offline
  3. Old Comment
    g78's Avatar

    Re: I'm not going to scream, I promise I'm not.

    Well I hope things all come together and work out fine for you both, and I hope you both have a great day and an even better honeymoon........
    Posted 07-04-2005 at 19:33 by g78 g78 is offline

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