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garinda 05-05-2007 18:11

Oswald Vasey.
Just came across this mention of Oswaldtwistle, in an interview with Blackburn born Steve Pemberton, star and writer of the League of Gentlemen.:D

WillowTheWhisp 05-05-2007 22:39

Re: Oswald Vasey.
Not sure I'd be desperately wanting to think they'd based it on my home town. :D

cashman 06-05-2007 09:58

Re: Oswald Vasey.
sounds more like Accy Vasey to me, an incident not to long ago brought that to mind.:D

yerself 07-05-2007 18:13

Re: Oswald Vasey.

Originally Posted by The Independent
'You based it on Darwin, didn't you?'

Must be based in Australia.

Lolly 21-05-2007 13:19

Re: Oswald Vasey.
I had no idea that Steve Pemberton was born in Blackburn. So I looked him up on IMDB. I was then interested to learn if there was any other Blackburnians...,%20UK

Ian McShane born in Blackburn!!! Loooooove him!!

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