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Accrington Hall Of Fame What is Accrington famous for? If there is anything you know, please let us know in here.

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Old 30-07-2017, 02:48   #1
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John Roy (Jon) Anderson

Hi there, been to Accrington twice in my life, I was looking for places and trivia about the man I've just mentioned up here. I'm "fae Scotland", namely Ayr, Ayrshire. I'm a Rangers man, pro-Union (don't think all Rangers fans are, though, we're 50%), Labour (well, old Labour, honestly) and a big fan of '70s British progressive rock.
So anyone knows about Jon? Of course you do, I suppose he's the most famous VIP Accrington ever produced, even more than cricket commentators like Mr. Lloyd, 'cos Jon's famous all over the world, Europe and the US most of all.
He still retains his Accrington accent through and through although he's now been living in California for about 35 years, and he's doing very well at 73, I watched him live a few months ago.
I remember he once said he used to live in Norfolk Street and that his dad (a Scotsman from Paisley, by the way) owned a farm on the outskirts of town.
Anyone here knows whether he has relatives still living around town or anything else you can tell me about?
Thanks! ;-)
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Accrington Web
Old 30-07-2017, 09:13   #2
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Re: John Roy (Jon) Anderson

His brother Tony lives in the Isle of Wight.
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Old 30-07-2017, 12:38   #3
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Re: John Roy (Jon) Anderson

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Old 30-07-2017, 16:28   #4
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Re: John Roy (Jon) Anderson

Jackie - Click the 'Search' button on the top line. Mr Anderson didn't own a farm, but Tony and Jon did work on one owned by a Mr Procter. Tony was at school with me and told us one day when he was 15 that he had had his leg over for the first time. He said ( and here he was probably quoting the older men he worked with on the farm " If God med owt better, he kept it to hissel'" Tony quit music to become an evangelical pastor.
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Old 31-07-2017, 22:26   #5
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Re: John Roy (Jon) Anderson

Originally Posted by cashman View Post
His brother Tony lives in the Isle of Wight.
his brother Stuart lives in Accy
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1970s, jon anderson, rock music, yes (rock band)

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