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ferret man 06-04-2017 20:21

Chaigley Manor
After reading todays Observer 7-4-17 Me thinks somethings rotten in the Valley.

Less 06-04-2017 20:25

Re: Chaigley Manor

Originally Posted by ferret man (Post 1191775)
After reading todays Observer 7-4-17 Me thinks somethings rotten in the Valley.

Could we have a link?

maxthecollie 06-04-2017 20:41

Re: Chaigley Manor
Former Chaigley Manor Trust charity 'no longer exists' - Accrington Observer

Rowlf 06-04-2017 21:16

Re: Chaigley Manor
That sounds awful. The Charity Commission should have an urgent investigation into the accounts of the charity and the people responsible for the money should be brought to task.

Balbus 07-04-2017 11:20

Re: Chaigley Manor
I raised this matter on here 6 years ago - and nothing happened! I recently asked the CID to investigate it, hence the recent flurry of activity. 600,000 of capital is unaccounted for!!!!

Rowlf 07-04-2017 13:27

Re: Chaigley Manor
I hope whoever knows what happened to the money comes forward and explains it all. That is a serious amount of money.

Neil 07-04-2017 19:58

Re: Chaigley Manor
I've said before that without knowing what happened to the money and what the constitution or other governing document says for the charity we don't know if anything wrong has been done. It might look suspicious but until the facts are known we won't know for sure.

ferret man 07-04-2017 21:14

Re: Chaigley Manor
This looks like a job for the New Tricks team.

Rowlf 07-04-2017 21:15

Re: Chaigley Manor
The sooner the truth is known the better.

Balbus 08-04-2017 09:50

Re: Chaigley Manor
When those who do know won't tell, and refuse to file the accounts required by law, it is, to say the least, highly suspicious!!!

Rowlf 08-04-2017 14:46

Re: Chaigley Manor
Certainly is and if the folk involved are innocent they should want things sorted to clear their names.

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