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Less 05-01-2019 19:55

Should T.V. Detectives Be Banned From Socialising?
I have had the lot on the box over the holidays Kojak, Columbo, Sherlock Holmes, Tommy & Tuppence, you name a sleuth and they have been on.

It got me wondering, if you had been invited to a weekend break and Miss Marple was going to be there, or a cruise where the Belgian defective Poirot was going to be a guest would/should you turn up?

Oh, and whatever you do if you wish to survive don't eat anything prepared on Pie In The Sky.

Maybe you would like to visit a quaint little English village? Well, unless you wish to get in touch with your inner Lemming give Midsomer a miss because death has decimated the population.

The list goes on & on, so many innocents have died just to keep these people employed!

The only people I don't think I would worry about being in my presence overmuch would be the A Team, after all, no matter how many rounds of ammunition or how many explosive traps they have set, they never, ever kill anyone, (that must have been the Christmas Miracle or maybe they are just very, very bad shots?).

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