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Rocky 17-01-2019 09:33

Not King Prawns
I ordered King Prawns from a local takeaway at the weekend and was served up what look like turkey twizzlers! This ruined my meal as I am a bit of a foodie and for all of adult life (59) have cooked most meals from scratch. I know what a king prawn looks like!
I called the takeaway to complain but was fobbed off with lame excuses.
They look like a member of the whelk family. (sea snail)
Its happened before at another takeaway in Accrington.
I certainly won't be ordering them again.
Has anyone else encountered these "king prawns"?

Less 18-01-2019 07:29

Re: Not King Prawns
Yes, I've come across them, only ever had these monstrosities served up at Asian take aways, fortunately the Chinese still know the quality of their prawns.

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