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skuta 11-07-2021 19:10

This seemed like the best place to post this message. If it's wrong? Too bad.

I've got a small sitting area at the back of where i am. I'm in a Wheelchair, so this simply needs making level (with no slump pooling), with one or more access ramps.

Simple job. I looked on a few of the contractor listing sites (I should have known better. Competent guys don't NEED to advertise. Ever), only to find unreliable types who wanted insane amounts of money. Way above market job-rates. That's just the "Professionals" that bothered to contact me.

I guess my little one or two cube job is not big enough compared to their massive Civil Engineering Projects?

The old, unimaginative, yesteryear slogans "We'll beat any price" & "No job too large or small" proved to be complete myth.

I've searched online, found numerous bod's that CLAIMED to do a good job (in their estimation). I just can't find a legit review about a real job experience that says the contractor runs a clean & tidy job. With good results. As expected & at or close to Budget (yeah, cost over-runs are very common in the Building Game).

This is where you come in.

Does anybody know through their own job experience a decent person or Company that can lay & level a good Slab of Concrete?

Price? I pay for results, not showing up. The guys that claim to be cheaper, Cut-Corners to make their Price. I avoid these guys.

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