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Feedback, Suggestions and help! Do you need any help with the forum? Do you like what you see? Do you want more sections? Any ideas to improve the forum welcome. Any problems please report here as well.

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Old 26-11-2006, 15:30   #76
Resting in Peace

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Re: Karma?

Originally Posted by mantrabooks View Post
Glad to see the Karma thing has been dropped, I didn't think is was fair or necessary

Er Mantrabooks its NOT been dropped its still there move your mouse over the scales on the top right of a post
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Accrington Web
Old 26-11-2006, 15:35   #77
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Re: Karma?

right - its just now a little more concealed

Removals - no Job too small....or BIG
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Old 26-11-2006, 15:36   #78
Resting in Peace

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Re: Karma?

not really its just the new software that was used for the update
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Old 26-11-2006, 18:36   #79
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Re: Karma?

Originally Posted by WillowTheWhisp View Post
But that brings us back to the original question doesn't it ShortStuff? If anyone doesn't wish to "get involved with Karma" it isn't "perfectly OK" because they have Karma points whether they like it or not. They can choose not to give or remove any from other members but cannot opt out of other members adding to or subtracting from their own.

I've heard that saying Pendy and I believe it is a good one to live by. We should all have the right to our own opinions and enough dignity to accept the opinions of others even when they differ from our own.
that never happens if you upset a clique they all give you negative just look at mines if you have an opinion they get you i once got negative for havin too many smilies
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