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Ski 07-01-2014 08:15

Although I have been a member on since 2008 - I have not really been on here much.

I was advised by another friendly user (thanks for the tip) that it would be good to re-introduce myself so people can have an opportunity to get to know me - .

Well I am Ski rapidly reaching 50 years of age. Originally from South Wales, Ex-Royal Navy Submariner I now teach electronic engineering to aerospace apprentices. I play the saxophone and now own 5 Tenor, Alto and a few Sopranos. I am also a high level Archery Coach and the head coach at Accrington Archery Academy, based at Accrington Academy.

I have also recently joined the East Lancashire Concert Band based at the Civic Theatre in Oswaldtwistle.

I try to be open and honest as possible, but sometimes get things wrong. I believe that my purpose in life is to see others progress and to help people get there, hence the reason I teach and coach.

Feel free to say hello, keep dropping me messages, hints and tips.


Margaret Pilkington 07-01-2014 08:30

Re: Re-introduction
Hello Ski, welcome to the forum.
Thanks for your very interesting introduction.

Ski 07-01-2014 08:34

Re: Re-introduction
Hello - Margaret - thank you for the greeting. Really appreciate the welcome.

davemac 07-01-2014 09:08

Re: Re-introduction
Ow do, and welcome back.

Ski 07-01-2014 10:04

Re: Re-introduction
Thank you Davemac - I'm feeling better already.
Hope 2014 is working out well for you - so far.

vecrra 07-01-2014 10:41

Re: Re-introduction
Hi Ski, I've been a member of Accy web since 2004. I haven't posted very much but love reading what everyone else has to say. Lots of genuine, helpful members. Good luck with the concert band. :theband:

Ski 07-01-2014 10:54

Re: Re-introduction
Hello Vecrra - thank you for the greeting - I was amazed on how friendly the band members were and how they do not mind what level you are at when joining - they were really encouraging. There was also a good range of ages from young to some quite senior members.

maxthecollie 07-01-2014 17:11

Re: Re-introduction
Welcome to the nuthouse.You will get on fine with us on here

ossy kid 07-01-2014 17:21

Re: Re-introduction
Hello ski, welcome back, sounds like you are a very busy person, well done.

Ski 07-01-2014 18:05

Re: Re-introduction
Thank you maxthecollie and Ossy kid. Although I am busy, I am also feeling very welcomed on here.

Thank you for the message.

gpick24 07-01-2014 18:34

Re: Re-introduction
Welcome Ski, your name makes us sound Russian.:)

Ski 07-01-2014 20:46

Re: Re-introduction
Close - MY father was from Poland - So my surname is Polish and Ski is the last 3 letters.

maxthecollie 07-01-2014 20:47

Re: Re-introduction
My Father in Law was Polish Stanislaw Jablonski

Ski 07-01-2014 21:07

Re: Re-introduction
Stanislaw was a good Polish name there are many with Stanislawski as a surname.

Mine is Suchorzewski. - pretty cool for a welsh man -

Eric 07-01-2014 23:25

Re: Re-introduction
Welcome/Bienvenue to AccyWeb international;)

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