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Introduce Yourself New to the forum? Introduce yourself here and get talking. Everyone is welcome here at Accrington Web!

Welcome to Accrington Web!

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Old 27-08-2011, 22:02   #1

Rivetlad's introduction

Hello folks,

My name is Alan McEwen and I have today logged on for the first time.

Well now you know my name, here follows a few details about what makes me tick.

I originate from the small village of Top O’ Hebers, Middleton, Lancashire. I am therefore, a proud Lancastrian, born and bred. However, since 1970, when I was sent as a Missionary by Providence to teach Tykes how to repair Lancashire mill boilers in Yorkshire woollen mills – I have lived just over the border into North Yorkshire; geographically, my home which I designed and built myself, World From Rough Stones House, is only five miles north east of Colne.

After serving a hard apprenticeship as a Boilermaker in Heywood, near Rochdale, in August 1968 I established my own Industrial Boiler Repair firm: H.A. McEwen (Boiler Repair) Ltd., which I am proud to relate, overtime became nationally renowned by both industrial and heritage fields – such as steam railways, traction engine owners, industrial museums, etc.

In late October 2007, after operating the firm as Managing Director and Chief Engineer, I resigned, handing over the reins to my son Alasdair, who then became the owner and manager of my dear old firm. I am proud to say the firm, which has many Lancashire clients, is still going strong after 43 years of trading.

In early January 2008, together with my beloved wife Christine, I started a brand new writing and publishing business. All my life I have been fascinated with many different aspects of British industrial history and in particular, the cotton mills of Lancashire, and the woollen industry of the old West Riding of Yorkshire, and it is a variety of Britain’s industrial history that is featured in the books that our firm, Sledgehammer Engineering Press Ltd write and publish.

Being a true-born Lancashire Lad, I could spout forever!

Last edited by Mick; 28-08-2011 at 09:05.
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Accrington Web
Old 27-08-2011, 22:04   #2
Beacon of light

Margaret Pilkington's Avatar
Re: Rivetlad's introduction

What a grand (gradely) introduction.
Welcome Rivetlad...enjoy is a great place.
Stop wearing a wishbone where your backbone should be.
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Old 27-08-2011, 22:08   #3
Senior Member+
heth's Avatar

Re: Rivetlad's introduction

Great intro!
Hello & Welcome!
Iím not singing for the future.
Iím not dreaming of the past.
Iím not talking of the first time.
I never think about the last.
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Old 27-08-2011, 22:19   #4
Coffin Dodger.

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Re: Rivetlad's introduction

Welcome to my world.
N.L.T.B.G.Y.D. Do not argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.
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Old 27-08-2011, 22:32   #5
Senior Member+
walkinman221's Avatar

Re: Rivetlad's introduction

Welcome and you can always let off some steam on here
See what i did there steam ,boilers oh never mind. Welcome again and them tykes need all the educating they can get.
A true man of character knows his limitations Ė but doesnít accept them.
Aggressive by Nature, Rugby by Choice
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Old 28-08-2011, 08:18   #6
Full Member
suedarbo's Avatar

Re: Rivetlad's introduction

Welcome to Accy web, that was a great introduction
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Old 28-08-2011, 08:42   #7
God Member
flashy's Avatar

Re: Rivetlad's introduction

Brilliant introduction, welcome to accyweb, enjoy
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Old 28-08-2011, 09:39   #8
Resting in Peace
jaysay's Avatar

Re: Rivetlad's introduction

Probably one of the best intros I've seen on here welcome and enjoy the site
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Old 28-08-2011, 17:12   #9

Re: Rivetlad's introduction

A Million Thanks To all for your Hearty Welcome.
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Old 28-08-2011, 18:29   #10
Senior Member+

Gremlin's Avatar

Re: Rivetlad's introduction

Welcome aboard Alan,
I wonder if our paths ever crossed, I was a millwright working for Jeremiah Jackson of Walsden and worked on many a mill engine and boiler fittings, setting up the boiler for the test etc.

You sound to have made success out of a dying trade and good on you.
Enjoy you part time retirement, no doubt your son will be calling on you for advice.
Gremlin R.T.
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Old 28-08-2011, 19:54   #11
Resting in Peace

katex's Avatar

Re: Rivetlad's introduction

Warm welcome Rivetland.
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Old 28-08-2011, 20:11   #12
God Member

Re: Rivetlad's introduction

Hello and welcome
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Old 29-08-2011, 14:44   #13
Senior Member+

Re: Rivetlad's introduction

Welcome lad. I met you at a book or history event not long ago but didn't realise you were an Accrington lad. I have probably published my last book.On this site you will come across people letting off steam and the odd one blowing their top.
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Old 30-08-2011, 21:45   #14

Re: Rivetlad's introduction

Hello Again Bob, Nay I'm not from Accrington. See my Introduction.
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Old 30-08-2011, 23:39   #15
God Member
shillelagh's Avatar

Re: Rivetlad's introduction

welcome rivetlad ....
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The views expressed in this post is mine and mine alone
anyone want to argue
well tough!!!
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