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panther 11-04-2007 19:19

anyone know what the weather will be on saturday?
fancy a nice ice cold beer (well a few:rolleyes: )
and doing a barby, but knowing my luck it will be raining.
tried some web sites but all say different:(

lancsdave 11-04-2007 19:22

Re: weather??
Can confirm there will be weather on Saturday :D

panther 11-04-2007 19:22

Re: weather??
erm i think iv put this in the wrong section it should be in questions.....sorry!!:D

accymel 11-04-2007 19:32

Re: weather??
Here you go Panther

Sat weather

panther 11-04-2007 19:38

Re: weather??
cheers accymel,
looks like bloody rain...typical
BUT it might change.....again!:rolleyes:

accymel 11-04-2007 19:47

Re: weather??
It might Panther metcheck is never 100% accurate could very well change by end of the week:D

spud 11-04-2007 20:19

Re: weather??
I have just checked my five long range forecasts as i doo daily.

3-2 in favour of sunshine 1-cloudy, 1-rain

3 saying 20 degrees C.

Get you're beer in buddy, i reckon it'll be a guddun!

accymel 11-04-2007 20:21

Re: weather??
So footys safe then spud:D

spud 11-04-2007 20:25

Re: weather??
Hell yeah! safe as houses

panther 12-04-2007 07:51

Re: weather??
nice one,
picture it now kids playing out side, me suppin beer, chatting and other half doing BBQ.......LOVELY:D

Eric 12-04-2007 14:09

Re: weather??
Overcast, chance of light snow, squalls near Lake Ontario, high -3. Great weather for a bbq (Canadian style) and no chance of your beer getting too warm.

mallard 12-04-2007 18:39

Re: weather??
:Banane25: Ithink its to be a little snow and frost and sleet no iam only jokeing its to be sunny with a few clouds but i hope you have a good day and enjoy your selfs

panther 13-04-2007 07:57

Re: weather??
on local bbc news it says....23!!!
now thats warm for april!!

flashy 13-04-2007 08:02

Re: weather??
well i went to blackpoo yesterday n got sunburnt, so it could be a nice weekend :D

davo69 13-04-2007 08:11

Re: weather??
granada news weather is great for the weekend

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