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shillelagh 29-05-2008 21:06

cheap car insurance
Anyone know any cheap car insurance firms? My nephews just passed his test and hes now looking for car insurance. He's 19 and hes got his car - a ford fiesta. He's doing the pass plus as well. Any one know any?

onlyme 29-05-2008 21:17

Re: cheap car insurance
I've just bought some, just used,, moneysupermarket and

Beats me how they do it, but prices varied from 1400 to 360.

Guess which i went for lol

jaysay 29-05-2008 21:43

Re: cheap car insurance
the only thing with car insurance is something that we all have to have when on the road, but its not how cheap it is, but what actual cover do we have if we have to claim, its okay paying a cheap premium to get on the road, but always look at the small print to see just what the covered is?:)

accyman 29-05-2008 21:54

Re: cheap car insurance
if you ring up for a quote tell them that you are having trouble with their website so that they will still give you the internet discount if they do it

also get the quote and then tell them about the pass pluss course hes done, just my opinion but i think if you tell them at the begining when doing a voice call they just give you a figure which would probably be the same if you hadnt told them so telling them after makes them have to give you a different lower figure if you get what i mean

not sure if they work on commision or not but i bet they do so be sneaky because they sure will be if they work on commision

dont use tesco they are robbing sods

bell direct are cheap and do a 11 month policy which gives you a 1 year no claims faster , dunno how it works but it does , even if you switch companies after 11 months you get your 1 years no claims

shillelagh 29-05-2008 21:55

Re: cheap car insurance
Yeah i know jaysay but at the minute the quotes hes got varies between 1850 for third party fire and theft and thats the cheapest to over 3000 still for 3rd party f &t. Fully comp starts at just over 2100.

lancsdave 29-05-2008 21:56

Re: cheap car insurance
I seem to recall my nephews got a good deal for young drivers from the co-op. Whoever you try it won't be cheap at that age.

Benipete 29-05-2008 22:06

Re: cheap car insurance
Got a quote from my usual company lately so I decided to get a quote on line from Direct Line Insurance.The online price was 250 more than Apollo on Warner St.

MUMMIBOO 29-05-2008 22:37

Re: cheap car insurance
We are insured with i found them to be very cheap with alsorts of cheap extras!

entwisi 30-05-2008 06:28

Re: cheap car insurance
Didn't tadah(sorry, Aleks) ppost up about Norwich Union doing a pay as you drive scheme which worked out cheaper for young drivers? Have a google around for that.

WillowTheWhisp 30-05-2008 09:22

Re: cheap car insurance
Good grief I didn't realise it was so expensive for young drivers! Mimi is hoping to get a car when she passes her test when she's old enough but at that rate we'll need a second mortgage!

jaysay 30-05-2008 10:18

Re: cheap car insurance
My granddaughter got her first car last year, she was 19 at the time. she got a Ford Ky or whatever ther're called, don't think the insurance was tat bad really certainly not what Jen quoted, but can't find out how much as she's on holiday at the moment in Africa

MUMMIBOO 30-05-2008 13:27

Re: cheap car insurance

Originally Posted by entwisi (Post 584123)
Didn't tadah(sorry, Aleks) ppost up about Norwich Union doing a pay as you drive scheme which worked out cheaper for young drivers? Have a google around for that.

We were with norwich union until we had a crash! that wasnt our fault, and we got the worst customer service ever!

But thats not to say it will be te same for everyone though.:)

shillelagh 01-06-2008 20:46

Re: cheap car insurance
I recommended to him norwich union direct - when i had the crash in mine i had no problems, i rang them on the monday and they picked the car up on the tuesday and returned it the following monday, it needed new bonnet, new wing and bumper and headlight. He rang them and got a quote for 2170 and he cant afford that. He rang round and got an insurance broker and they managed to find one for him for approx 1500. He isnt just using it for going to work he needs it for work part of his job is going round all the different places that who he works for owns so the pay as you drive wouldnt be worth it especially as he has to prove he is insured before he can use it for work.

entwisi 02-06-2008 07:01

Re: cheap car insurance
If they need him to travel he could ask them to supply a company car. With teh rise in tax/fuel etc cO cars are becoming a popular way of 'insuring' yourself against the riing costs of running a car

fozzwold 02-06-2008 18:29

Re: cheap car insurance
try h and r insurance sevices.woodburn road.blackburn.aberdeen .scotland.very good and cheap.and its a uk landline only .when you ring them you can understand what they say .not like most who have a callcenter in a third world coutry were they pay you 50p aday .and you cant understand them .

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