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THE PEEL PARK GHOST 05-10-2004 20:41

Peel Park teacher Mr Ryan
Anybody remember Mr Ryan from Peel Park, around 1982-85 I think. Whatever happenend to him. He was nuts!! Oh and Mr Dickinson.... he was the one who used to throw the blackboard duster around, most impressive.

WillowTheWhisp 05-10-2004 21:06

Re: Peel Park teacher Mr Ryan
In my day it was Mr Gleave who threw the blackboard duster. Not very impressive if it hit you.

lettie 06-10-2004 16:08

Re: Peel Park teacher Mr Ryan
I don't remember Mr Ryan, he wasn't there when I was. I was there between 1976-1979. I certainly remember Mr Dickinson. I wasn't in his class but My sister Grego was. I'm sure she has fond memories of the blackboard duster as she was probably on the receiving end of it on several occasions..:D

Tealeaf 06-10-2004 16:25

Re: Peel Park teacher Mr Ryan
Just like her sister, no doubt.

grego 08-10-2004 20:56

Re: Peel Park teacher Mr Ryan
I remember Mr Dickinson, I was in his class, cant remember if I ever had the duster thrown at me, probably, remember getting the slipper from Mr Paris in assembly. I dont remember Mr Ryan though, the other teachers I remember are Mrs Harwood/Coupe and Mrs Bowles.

WillowTheWhisp 08-10-2004 22:51

Re: Peel Park teacher Mr Ryan
Anyone remember Miss Carter and Mr Brown? She became Mrs Brown. And the old headmaster Mr. Hinchliffe? Mrs Virtue?

Margaret Pilkington 03-11-2004 15:07

Re: Peel Park teacher Mr Ryan
I remember Mr Hinchcliffe, Mr Gleave, Miss Butterworth, Miss Kay Mrs Shaw and John Heap.......all these teachers were there up until 1958 when I left. I used to see Mr Hinchcliffe around the town...... but have not seen him for ages.....maybe he has shuffled off this mortal coil. I know that Miss Butterworth died because I looked after her when I was nursing...... but not sure what became of the others.

WillowTheWhisp 03-11-2004 15:24

Re: Peel Park teacher Mr Ryan
I remember Mr Hinchliffe lived up Sandy Lane. He was very particular about the fact that it wasn't Hinchcliffe with a 'c'. I presume he must have passed on by now surely as he retired years ago as did Mr. Gleave. I don't remember John Heap. Who was he? Do you recall Mrs Virgo? I can't for the life of me remember the name of the infant headmistress. Mr. Gleave was my favourite teacher, very strict but fair. He lived off Manchester Road (possibly Bamford Crescent) and Mr Paris (after my time) moved into his old house.

Did you go on the aeroplane trip over Accy from Blackpool? I was very disappointed at how small the windows were and it was impossible to see much if you weren't in a window seat.

Margaret Pilkington 03-11-2004 20:18

Re: Peel Park teacher Mr Ryan
Yes Willow..... you were right about Mr Gleave being firm but fair...... he was firm AND fair when he wielded the slipper...... though I have to admit I didn't ever get on the wrong side of him (thankfully). And No I did not get to go on the Blackpool flight....we were really poor (dad was out of work at the time) and Mum explained that it would not be fair for me to go on such an outing when my other brothers could not go.....funnily enough there were no tantrums or arguments......I just accepted it.
John Heap was the teacher of Class 3 and he lived with his mother at the top of Belfield Rd...... that was when it was considered posh up there.
I do not recall a Mrs Virgo..... neither can I remember the name of the headmistress of the infant School.
I do remember me and my friend Violet Furness getting into trouble with the infant Headmistress for sliding down the coke pile......we scattered the coke all over the playground and it was considered a bit dangerous for the baby class.

Margaret Pilkington 03-11-2004 20:23

Re: Peel Park teacher Mr Ryan
I also remember a girl at Peel Park called Vivien Roncetti (not sure if I have spelled that right) she was an absolutely brilliant violinist.....often wonder what became of her.
I was also in the same year as David Lloyd the cricketer.

WillowTheWhisp 03-11-2004 22:42

Re: Peel Park teacher Mr Ryan
2 Attachment(s)
These might bring back a few memories

Margaret Pilkington 04-11-2004 20:21

Re: Peel Park teacher Mr Ryan
Do they ever????? looks just how I remember it! 50 years ago (well since I first went there that is)...... must be an old burger eh?

Margaret Pilkington 04-11-2004 20:23

Re: Peel Park teacher Mr Ryan
I was also remembering that Miss Kay got married and became Mrs Phillips..... it took me quite a while to get my head around that concept at the time

WillowTheWhisp 04-11-2004 21:47

Re: Peel Park teacher Mr Ryan
Miss McClaren or McLaren! I think that was the infants headmistress. The name just came to me in a flash.

Atarah 05-11-2004 09:18

Peel Park
I too went to Peel Park. Remember the "crack" all the way down the middle of the hallway floor. This was known as "the line" - if you were naughty, you had to forfeit your breaktime and stand on the line and kids came round and "mocked you" - horrible rules!

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