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heth 18-12-2012 09:54

Re: Winter Bug
Well cant get in at the doc's seems that they are very busy....................wonder why.
I had a little blood last night but I think that was just because I were coughing that much it iritated something.

I have had no blood today so thats good, didnt sleep very well so just taking it easy today.

Looks like my t'other half has started with it this morning, not good.
Apparently he can "get over it" though because he is a bloke and not a big girl....................we will see! :D

jaysay 18-12-2012 18:22

Re: Winter Bug

Originally Posted by sugarmouse0707 (Post 1032701)
I can think of one exception :D

(I've missed you, JaySay)!

No, I agree and hope you make a good recovery. I haven't had the bug, have escaped any illness this year (touches wood!) but my Mother has been pretty ill with some sort of stomach infection. Sounds similar but she didn't have the blood. It does sound pretty worrying! :confused:

I was talking from a male perspective sugarmouse:rolleyes:

DaveinGermany 20-12-2012 17:40

Re: Winter Bug

Originally Posted by heth (Post 1032763)
Apparently he can "get over it" though because he is a bloke and not a big girl....................we will see! :D

He shouldn't need to, cos when we get a bug, we get a bug ! It's probably the beginning of BirdDogCatMan Flu .......... and that's far more seriouser than any thing else ........... In the World !!! :D

susie123 20-12-2012 17:44

Re: Winter Bug
Back on topic, sorry.

All you ever wanted to know abut norovirus (or perhaps too much!).

BBC News - Norovirus: The winter vomiting bug that is hard to conquer

Pedant alert: it's norovirus not novovirus as often spelt - named after Norwalk School in Ohio where it was first noticed (see article).

mez 20-12-2012 17:52

Re: Winter Bug
i seem to have missed this bug so far but got lips full of cold sores. must have been the polish vodka i had in kracow at the weekend.

cashman 20-12-2012 17:56

Re: Winter Bug
Nowt will come near Polish Vodka Mez.:D

westendlass 20-12-2012 19:38

Re: Winter Bug
My son had this a few weeks ago, he passed out twice so I dialled an ambulance and was told he didn't warrant one. We managed to get a lift and rushed him to RBH where he was put on a drip. Seems like you have to rely on yourself these days. Thankfully he is okay.

Sunflower49 23-12-2012 23:02

Re: Winter Bug
I think I spoke too soon-I've got a sore throat and my mouth hurts-kind of as if I've burnt it, or got ulcers but I haven't, and generally feel exhausted. I've had a really hectic weekend at work and have been on my feet a lot so it would be normal to be tired but I can't help thinking It's more than that. ... Hope I'm not going to be ill all week for xmas !:ptongue:

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