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roseredg 10-04-2015 09:12

HELP needed
Help needed
Hello, I am a single mum of a 3year old and newborn baby and in rented accommodation of hyndburn homes. I have chronic lung disease and the house myself and my two children are living in is riddled in damp and.continues to grow mould when I wipe it away.... this has led me to be hospitalized 12 times in the last 11 months due to incredible breathing difficulty. I have let the housing know and 15 weeks on I'm still waking up every night and every morning unable to breathe properly because of it. So I'm positing to ask if there are any 2bedroom houses to rent in the Clayton less moors area with immediate move in..NO damp houses please ... I can sort a payment plan for the deposit.... any advice welcomed x

Neil 10-04-2015 09:52

Re: HELP needed
I've deleted your other post as it was in the wrong section and left this one for people to suggest help for you.

accyman 10-04-2015 10:35

Re: HELP needed
hyndburn homes are still up to their old tricks then

sory to hear of your problem mybrother had teh same problem with hyndburn homes and depsite doctors letters , social services etc telling hyndburn homes how the balck mould was making their newborn baby unwell and teh cause of its hospitalisation they never lifted a damn finger to fix the problem.

in a lot of cases hyndburn homes are no better than slum landlords

i hope you get sorted soon

it could be worth giving graham jones a call he dosnt like slum landlords although the council urinates in the same pot as hyndburn homes but it could be woth a try seen as hes a MP now

also you could try shelter they dont just help the homeless and may be able to help you find better accomodation especially with your medical needs

MargaretR 10-04-2015 10:47

Re: HELP needed
I repeat the link I gave in the deleted thread
..copy and paste^6512&insId=3&g oogleAnalyticsChannel=renting

accyman 10-04-2015 10:49

Re: HELP needed
forgot to say that in some cases the council will pay the deposit for you but unless you have someone acting on yuor behalf like shelter or citizens advice you wil most likely get flobbed off

roseredg 10-04-2015 12:18

Re: HELP needed
Yes I've heard of several people hyndburn homes are always reluctant to do anything but it's getting ridiculous now I can't breathe in my own home. I've tried letting agencies like right move but unfortunately I can't afford the application fee and deposit and rent in advance they require ... I've honestly tried everything

Accyexplorer 10-04-2015 13:31

Re: HELP needed
Firstly,I am very sorry to hear about the conditions in which your forced to live.
The only thing can suggest is that you see your GP an explain your conditions (and the condition of your home) see if he/she can write you a letter supporting your concerns.
Perhaps,you could also try asking a health visitor or some sort of damp specialist to come and do an assessment on the condition of your property.....then write to the council/hyndburn homes with the findings.
Apart from this I'm unsure how to advice you further,I hope you get it sorted asap,keep us posted.

roseredg 10-04-2015 15:13

Re: HELP needed
I have had supporting letters from my go, respiratory doctor and respiratory nurse... health visitor has also written a supporting letter and even phoned the hyndburn homes herself but was fibbed off.

Accyexplorer 10-04-2015 17:00

Re: HELP needed

Originally Posted by roseredg (Post 1138389)
I have had supporting letters from my go, respiratory doctor and respiratory nurse... health visitor has also written a supporting letter and even phoned the hyndburn homes herself but was fibbed off.

Where is this damp coming from?
By that, I mean is it your fault through drying washing and not opening windows or is it structural like raising damp etc?

If the damp is due to you not opening windows etc or your housing association don't have access to the property (ie it is denied for whatever reason) is unlikely they will be liable.

It maybe worth reading the landlords and tenancy act I think it's sec12/13 (don't quote me on this).

It would also be good to have it writing from your health visitor that she personally contacted the housing association and was "fibbed off".

The next step I would suggest is taking all relevant paperwork and seeking professional legal advice.

I'm sorry if my comment sounds a little harsh but I'm just trying to establish where you stand legally.

Restless 10-04-2015 19:38

Re: HELP needed
Would a dehumidifier help in these situations?

Margaret Pilkington 10-04-2015 20:16

Re: HELP needed
It may help remove the dampness, but won't remove the mould spores....and it is probably these which are creating the breathing problems.
Contact Graham Jones(he will be wanting to be seen to be doing something for his local community).......he might be able to apply some leverage for some action, either by Hyndburn Homes or by some other agency.

accyman 11-04-2015 00:26

Re: HELP needed
when my brothers hyndburn homes place had damp the ceilings that used to be white were black with mould and the walls had it also.Hyndburn homes dont like doing repairs the only way hyndburn homes has a good property is if it was looked after by the previous tenant

when the council sold of the properties hyndburn homes got one side of rothwell avenue and saint vincents got the other

saint vincents refurbed and decorated the properties they took charge of and even put new fences around the properties and dividing fences between neigbours etc

when i went to view the property hyndburn homes offered me there were chunks of plaster out of the walls , damp in various places , giant mushrooms growing under the kitchen sink and along the kitchen walls , a huge hole in the ceiling and not one bit of wallpaper intact throughout the house.Amongst many other problems the garden looked like a dumping ground with broken glass protruding from the ground , hyperdermic syringes half burried in the soil and even half a bike sticking out of the ground.

when i asked what the plans were to sort this mess out i was told i would be given a 40 voucher decorating grant and not to expect a better offer of somewhere to live as i was a male

contour housing who own hyndburn homes failed to live up to contractual agrrements on refubishment and repairs.They may have done some remedial work or used some kind of fund that they have to spend and done some properties but clearly they are still failing and have an awfull attitude towards repairs

our MP has been helping fight slum landlords in rossendale i think it was ..Personally i think he should start looking a lot closer to home and try to help victims of hyndburn homes

i would seek legal advice if their refusal to do repairs is causing health problems but im pretty sure they wont expect you to do that as you are too busy trying to survive

good luck and i hope some of the suggestions have helped or pointed you in the right direction of some sort and that you get a place fit for human habbitation soon


sorry for the long rant but i find it astonishing that all these years on the same housing association still hasnt learned from its mistakes or even adjusted its attitude towards its tennants.One thing you can guarentee despite repairs not been done is that they are still getting their damn rent especially if its housing benefit from people

maxthecollie 11-04-2015 07:30

Re: HELP needed
Hyndburn Homes are a waste of space. My 88 year old mother lives in a Hyndburn Homes Bungalow and had a yearly electrical inspection some months ago by an independant electrical contractor. He highlighted several safety problems regarding the earthing. No one from Hyndburn Homes has been round despite several phone calls.

Margaret Pilkington 11-04-2015 08:18

Re: HELP needed
The other thing you could do is to contact the local and national press and give them your story.....but before you do this I would tell Hyndburn Homes of your intention....see if that provokes any kind of response.
If they threaten you with homelessness tell them that no home is better than a home that is affecting yours and your children's health.

I think that in the current political situation many of the national papers would have a field day with your story.

Also a wider audience for your situation may be helpful in finding someone who can help you.

roseredg 11-04-2015 09:58

Re: HELP needed
Thankyou for all responses however I do have to say that the damp is NOT my Gault as it is rising damp, I regularly open my Windows whilst wiping them down as I do every day. Hyndburn homes do not care about me and my situation and this has led me to urgently need moving.... It's getting to the point were I go out and I dread going home because I know tonight might be yet another trip to resuscitation for breathing difficulty again :( ..... I have taken all precautions necessary and got help from all people I can think of, however I do.think the local paper is the next step ..... still looking for private houses so if anyone does know of any in the Clayton le moors area or around that general area please get in touch

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