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Walshie 06-03-2020 19:10

Wadington Street
My grandfather John Walter Walsh was born on April 1, 1893 at 7, Wadington Street, Accrington. Has anyone seen photographs of Wadington Street from that time and is it still there?

cashman 03-10-2020 12:21

Re: Wadington Street
never heard of wadington street mate. washington street but not the other one, perhaps its been and gone? someone should on here should know if thats the case, good luck in your research.

Margaret Pilkington 03-10-2020 14:54

Re: Wadington Street
Like Cashy, I have not heard of Wadington street.
I have looked at the christening records of John W Walsh and it is quite hard to decipher, but it does look like Wadington street.
On the 1901 census the family are living in Stanley street......this is not too far from Washington street. (I think that Wadington would be spelt with two D's too)
So maybe this is a written error due to the transcriber having misheard.
I can't find anything that relates to Wadington Street(there is a Waddington Road Not sure if these are new houses)......I have looked at some old maps of Accrington too and cannot find anything on there either, but I am happy to be corrected if anyone knows better.

Margaret Pilkington 03-10-2020 15:02

Re: Wadington Street
If you want genealogical information..I am happy to help.

Walshie 16-10-2020 19:22

Re: Wadington Street
Thanks for the interest. I feel that Washington Street will be correct and they did move to Stanley Street because I've heard my grandfather talk about it. I believe he didn't live far from Peel Park which suggests he remembered Stanley Street well.
My research has taken me back to Daniel Walsh 1813 to 1870 in Clayton le Moors but not too sure before that. Father could have been John Walsh and mother Alice (no surname) from the late 1700's.
Any assistance would be appreciated.
My great grandfather James died of TB in 1906 and his widow Arabella returned to her native Cumberland and remarried a miner from Aspatria Thomas Hewitson.
Her son my grandfather Walter came with her and later married a Maryport woman Jane Penrice Studholme. My dad was born in Maryport on September 29,1918.
She died when dad was only ten. There's a lot more to the tale but maybe for another time. Thanks to all those who have contributed and Margaret, any help would be appreciated.
Take care everybody
Walshie (John Allan Walsh)

Margaret Pilkington 16-10-2020 20:40

Re: Wadington Street
If John and Alice were located in over Darwen(which is what I have come up with on ancestry), then according to the records Alice was Alice Marsden....the only thing about this is that John and Alice Married on january 2nd 1815...Daniel was baptised 27th June 1813(according to Bishops transcripts).
If these are the right ancestors then I think I might have found parents for both John and Alice
If I am on the right John walsh he was born 21st of March 1790.
This has just been a quick and cursory search. If you have any more details about John and Alice that would confirm what I have found so far, then these would help greatly in a more detailed search.
I might have a look at census details sometime over the weekend.

I should add that I am no expert in hunting down ancestors...and the further back you go the harder it is to confirm accurately that the details are correct.
Back in the times when these people lived the details of lineage were documented in family bibles...but these weree often big, heavy and dumped because no one wanted them.
Please let me know if you think I am on the right track.

Walshie 17-10-2020 07:47

Re: Wadington Street
Margaret, thank you so much for your interest. I have to confess that I was fairly confident that the lineage was correct back to Daniel (born 1813) but before that was not so sure. It might not be John and Alice, so any help you can give to confirm that would be appreciated.
Off to Pontefract shortly with the football team. I have been a journalist for 57 years and will be doing the game for the local newspaper and BBC Radio Cumbria, so not around until later today.
Take care and thanks.
JAW (Walshie)

Margaret Pilkington 17-10-2020 08:35

Re: Wadington Street
Walshie you are welcome.
I find it strange that IF John and Alice are the right parents, they did not marry until Daniel was nearly two ....normally once a baby was on the way the wedding was hurried along.....and that makes me think that maybe they are not the right parents.
I will have a look at some census documents at some time over the weekend to see if I can sort the moss from the sand.
Any information that you have about Daniel....will help....and if you do not wish to post this on the forum then you can PM me and I will give you my e-mail address.....if I find anything I will screenshot it.
Have a good day.

Walshie 17-10-2020 21:53

Re: Wadington Street
Sorry Margaret, just spent 15 minutes typing a reply to your Oops post and sent it but the lot seems to have disappeared into the ether.
Anyway thanks for your interest and you are not being a nuisance. I read your message in the car on the way back from Pontefract where we won 4-1.
Have got my report out of the way, recording Match of the Day, and after having no success with what I thought was a private message (new to forums)I decided to go down this route.
Right. The Daniel Walsh I have in my family tree was born 1813 and died 1870.He was married to Mary Duckworth (1818 - 1860) and they had five children - Thomas (b 1837), James ( b 1841), Duckworth (1846-1852), Benjamin (1850 - 1865) and Alice Ann (b 1853).

Thomas (1837 - 1926) was married to Ann Riley (born 1836) and I actually have a picture of him with spinster daughters. In old age there was a major likeness between Thomas and my dad Allan who died aged 96 in 2015.
Hope you get this one and thanks again.
Walshie (John A. Walsh)

Margaret Pilkington 18-10-2020 08:03

Re: Wadington Street
One of the PM's was successful,and I sent one in seems that our searches are on the right track...there will be more news for you today.
I have to tell you that this research was done in tandem with my daughter Nicola.....and we may at some point soon be able to present you with a fairly robust family tree.
Watch for PM's asi think maybe they are more appropriate.
And you are welcome...good to be able to help.

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