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Questions and Answers Feel free to ask any questions about Accrington and the surrounding area and hopefully one of our members can help you out.

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Old 14-04-2014, 11:39   #31
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Re: Lancashire Food Festival

Originally Posted by Aussie Irene View Post
I think somebody is having a lend here Dave.
Whatever happened to the Lancashire delicacy of Steak Pudding all in.

For the uninitiated that is, Steak Pudding , Chips, Peas and gravy.
Oh for the days when I could dump double pudding, chips and peas on top of at least 8 pints of best bitter (Thwaites, Duttons, or John Smiths) and still walk home without tossing my cookies in the cut.

Here's a plan ... 'cause Marg P is so fond of posting pics of delicacies like bread pudding on here; and because she don't cotton with "foreign muck", why not hold next year's festival in her kitchen. No cover charge, park your clogs at the door, and don't pet the zebra
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Accrington Web
Old 14-04-2014, 12:56   #32
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Re: Lancashire Food Festival

Give me plenty of advance warning......just so that.......I can be.......OUT!
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Old 14-04-2014, 13:29   #33
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Re: Lancashire Food Festival

Originally Posted by Aussie Irene View Post
Are they running wild Cashy?.
Oh aye, as wild as the herds of haggis run in Scotland.
N.L.T.B.G.Y.D. Do not argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.
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Old 14-04-2014, 14:33   #34
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Re: Lancashire Food Festival

Originally Posted by MargaretR View Post
The only things running wild in Accy are the Chavs.
I don't fancy them spit roasted.
From what I`ve heard, they`d probably like that.
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Old 14-04-2014, 18:07   #35
a multieloquent Mule

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Re: Lancashire Food Festival

Originally Posted by Mick View Post
as it says top end horse meat so any French plonk will do
Originally Posted by Eric View Post
One that can be favorably compared to a Welsh Claret
I was thinking more along the lines of Red or White, or even a South African.

Originally Posted by lancsdave View Post
There was also the well known Lancashire delicacies of Crocodile, Bison & Ostrich
I didn't realize it was an "ethnic Lancastrian" food festival!

Originally Posted by cashman View Post
See yeh got no idea!!!! Theres herds of Zebras around the Accy area, This aint Liverpool.
Maybe around kicking out time at some dubious watering holes you'd expect to see some exotic sights, but Zebras? And yes Cashers I know it's not Liverpool, because if it was they'd have been resprayed, re-branded & sold off at a profit (or a case of special brew, a bag of weed & some knock off Adidas/Nikey gear ) as pedigree race horses!
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I don't know half of you as well as I should like, and I like half of you, half as well as you deserve. (Bilbo Baggins)
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