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Old 14-03-2018, 18:04   #1
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Monster Pole Erected on Thwaites Rd

Has anyone any idea as to the purpose of the gigantic, monstrous eyesore of a pole, along with what looks like a huge control box, recently erected on Thwaites Road, Ossy?
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Accrington Web
Old 14-03-2018, 18:29   #2
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Re: Monster Pole Erected on Thwaites Rd

Could it be a mobile phone mast?

Controversial phone mast plans in Oswaldtwistle get green light from council | Lancashire Telegraph
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Old 15-03-2018, 17:36   #3
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Re: Monster Pole Erected on Thwaites Rd

Thanks gpick24, suspected that but had missed the newspaper articles.

Maybe the persons responsible for agreeing to foist this eyesore on the residents of Thwaites Rd, should have one forcibly erected in their own backyard. They would then be able to 'phone home with maximum signal strength.
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Old 15-03-2018, 18:05   #4
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Re: Monster Pole Erected on Thwaites Rd

Wouldn't have made much difference i suspect, but only 13 objections sure would not help?
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Old 15-03-2018, 19:02   #5
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Re: Monster Pole Erected on Thwaites Rd

I think how ever many objections there are, often it does not change things.
Once the council decide, they are going to do it whatever the residents feelings are.
We, the little people are of little consequence as long as we keep on paying the council tax and doing what we are told...
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Old 21-03-2018, 23:29   #6

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Re: Monster Pole Erected on Thwaites Rd

It's funny how most of us use mobiles and expect them to work everywhere we go but as soon as they put up a new mast people complain the thing they want to use should have been put somewhere else.
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Old 29-03-2018, 01:46   #7
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Re: Monster Pole Erected on Thwaites Rd

Soddin' Poles, coming over here making our streets look untidy! Are there no streets you can hang around in back in Warsaw? The very cheek of it!
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