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Questions and Answers Feel free to ask any questions about Accrington and the surrounding area and hopefully one of our members can help you out.

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Old 26-03-2015, 02:01   #31
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Re: What makes a good/bad forum?

I think a good forum is one where people are treated equally, innocent until proven guilty, I suppose I mean. People are allowed opinions, allowed to be given that right of being a valued and appreciated member, no matter what their background or culture or race or whatever.

I have found accyweb to be 99% that in my own personal experience. I go on a fair few internet forums. Of course people will always differ in opinions and it would be pretty boring if we didn't!

But if they do disagree, being civil, non-judgmental, curious is fine, damning is not. I suppose that's what I mean. And no preferential treatment of one over the other, I have had this on another 'local' forum I frequented. 'He's my best friend so I will let him do that but not you' , or 'He's a mod so he's allowed to do this'. Of course in any community there will be some sort of hierarchy. But not to the point of favoritism. I hope I'm putting this across okay.
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Accrington Web
Old 26-03-2015, 11:00   #32
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Re: What makes a good/bad forum?

A good forum is one where there is a lot of activity. A bad forum is one that dies from inactivity.

Having an opinion on what makes a good forum is like having an opinion on whether VHS was better than Betamax. It doesn't matter - the decision is made for you.
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Old 27-03-2015, 06:06   #33
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Re: What makes a good/bad forum?

I'm glad folk on here see Accyweb as a tonic, helping them through difficult and uncertain times....that is truly a sign of a good forum in my eyes
Taking pics of some of the places you see is DANGEROUS . I do not condone or encourage breaking the law or unsafe behavior.

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Old 27-03-2015, 07:07   #34
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Re: What makes a good/bad forum?

I think this is because the question is being answered by committed members of the forum.....those who come here on a daily basis.
If you asked some of those who have left there would be different(probably critical) answers.
A forum is fluid and ever evolving thing.....but no member is bigger than the if someone leaves there is going to be someone else who comes in and posts......and new members always bring something of themselves to the forum.
We have to hope that what they bring will be interesting, that they will be committed and that they will promote the forum among their friends, family and colleagues.
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Old 27-03-2015, 07:46   #35
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Re: What makes a good/bad forum?

I have been a member of a number of forums and in recent years, they have all seen their activity levels drop. I am the webmaster and mod of 2 forums but they are aimed at a specialised market and not open to the general public.
I have seen a migration over to Facebook by some of the people involved but many feel that Facebook is too 'here today, gone tomorrow' to be of any long term use.
It seems to be the older members prefer to use the traditional forum whereas the younger members prefer to spend their lives on social media.
I put AccyWeb's success down to the attitude of most members who are prepared to debate an issue rather than just reply with contra argument or personal insults.

I have been on the receiving end of such personal insults, in the past but chose to take them as jest and not rise to the occasion.

The rules of most forums are plain common sense and based on social etiquette and I suspect that those people who cannot stick to forum rules are not too impressive with their social skills either.
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