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Old 16-03-2014, 18:16   #46
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Re: Why we give?

Originally Posted by Margaret Pilkington View Post
Less, I hadn't seen this when I posted my comment which is along similar lines.
We aren't only on the same page of the hymn book...we are in the same church too.
No Hymn book just everyone free to choose their destiny, (unless they disagree with me )
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Old 16-03-2014, 19:21   #47
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Re: Why we give?

Originally Posted by Margaret Pilkington View Post
That saying isn't is first every time. If you do not have your health then all else is miserable.
Ask anyone who has a chronic health issue and I think they will agree.
Oh i know that fer sure, But yeh wont need 3 guesses, as to who told me that un.
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Old 16-03-2014, 19:40   #48
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Re: Why we give?

Yes Cashy, I can guess. I am sure there are many folk out there who would trade good health for every penny they possess. It is something that we fail to truly value until we no longer have it.
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Old 18-03-2014, 17:13   #49
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Re: Why we give?

BBC NEWS | Have Your Say | Who pays for the air ambulance?

Today I got a charity bag (air ambulance).
Now i know it's probably best they stay out of it (because they'll bleep it up like everything else they get involved in).
But why do we not have government support for our air ambulances (they do excellent work in many Traffic collisions etc).
I understand a air ambulance isn't always the best option when it comes to built up areas due to hazards from obstacles, that's hardly a reason to blank them.
Also as a island nation why no gov support for RNLI?

Is it to remain free from all interference from outside bureaucracy, which would almost inevitably end up with the charity being compromised in its aims? Or is it that they're loaded like oxfam etc,and they don't need the support?
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Old 19-03-2014, 12:02   #50
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Re: Why we give?

Originally Posted by DaveinGermany View Post
Oh Cointreau mong Cherry! Money per se may not, but the things that can be achieved if you've more than enough to chuck about most certainly would! I don't necessarily mean on personal gratification, although some little longed for dainties wouldn't go amiss, just think how many donations you could give to your favourite charities/causes, help to friends & family in difficulties, or random acts of giving & kindness to total strangers who appear to be down on their luck purely for the altruistic pleasure of it. Sounds like that'd make me happy if I had that ability all because I had quite a few bob spare.
Well that's true. If I had a LOT of money, I would donate a lot more but to the charities I deem as worthy, who I feel are 'real' and not big business. I do help people in difficulties a lot, It's something important to me always has been, an advantage of my job is I can work comparatively few hours.

I've never been short of money. Never as a child nor adult. I may have been a bit short of income at times but I don't count that as being impoverished. It's strange how my situation also runs alongside my being tight as a crab's bum though. Maybe It's true what they say about those from Yorkshire. It's nice to have money, I won't deny that-It's a lot better than NOT having money, but true happiness is something related to being a fully-functioning person and not something directly related to finances. I put it too simply before I guess.

Originally Posted by Margaret Pilkington View Post
You may have a point there son...but it is far more deliberate to give when you have little to give.
If you have much and donate some of it to good causes, or helping family and friends than of course you are spreading around a little happiness...but you are never going to miss what you have given because you have plenty more where that came from.

But when you have very little, but give of yourself, or your time, then surely that is more worthy.
Do we not place too much reliance on material things?
Do these material things really make us happy? Ok maybe we get a buz from being able to go out and indulge in something for ourselves....but does that buzz fade pretty quickly as we move on to our next 'want' much so that we no longer see it as a 'want' but as a 'need'.

Just thinking out loud.....I am sure I was happier as a child than the children of today seem to be....but then that is relative because we can never really have a definitive answer.
I certainly never heard of any child saying that they were 'depressed'...bored maybe, but depressed never.
Yes It's something that cannot be measured I guess. Observed, but not measured.

Originally Posted by cashman View Post
An owd saying is "Money aint everything, But its way ahead of whatevers in second place."
There are some funny quotes about money, I like a lot of them. 'Money cannot buy happiness, but poverty can't buy ....'

Who was it who said, 'I don't like money, but it calms my nerves'. I like that one. Kind of close to how I feel about it.

Originally Posted by Margaret Pilkington View Post
That saying isn't is first every time. If you do not have your health then all else is miserable.
Ask anyone who has a chronic health issue and I think they will agree.
Very true. Wealth without health is something of a fallacy.

Not sure about Air Ambulance, AccyExplorer.

One thing that I've noticd today is my facebook newsfeed being full of women posting pictures of themselves without make up 'To raise cancer awareness'.

I've yet to meet somebody who isn't aware of cancer. Plus the original point was to put the picture alongside a number to call or text instructing how to donate to Cancer Research Uk.

Most women seem to have forgotten to do that, however Cancer Research UK are big business, not a charity I'd ever choose to give money to. And why women are thinking that their bare faces will do anything for cancer sufferers, without the donation number attached, is beyond me?
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Life is 10% what happens to you-and 90% your reaction to it.
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