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panther 18-04-2005 19:26

Rhyddings High School??
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ok whos from rhyddings county high school, and i dont mean Rhyddings Business and Enterprise School, as it is now called!!! i mean when miss moore was the head!, and blazers were the fashion. c,mon dont be shy......

ShortStuff 18-04-2005 21:35

re: Rhyddings High School??
Yep - I went to Rhyddings. I had the blazer but they introduced jumpers for the 5th year students only while I was there. A couple of years after I left they were all wearing jumpers - I don't understand why they wear green when the school colour was always navy blue?

Bazf 19-04-2005 02:59

re: Rhyddings High School??
Rhyddings 1967-1972, Mr Marsden the head and we all had to wear blazers, tie and gray pants.

entwisi 19-04-2005 04:46

re: Rhyddings High School??
80-85, Miss Moore was head mistress.

Blazers were optional.

asfc babe 19-04-2005 11:56

re: Rhyddings High School??
iwent to Rhyddings. was in year 7 when miss moore left at christmas...thank god!!!
i liked my blazer, loads of pockets to put things in!

entwisi 19-04-2005 14:00

re: Rhyddings High School??
careful asfc, it sounds like you are a klepto!


Doug 19-04-2005 14:10

re: Rhyddings High School??
I was there for a couple of years 1970 - 72. We all had to wear blazers, but I do seem to remember navy pullovers and the girls having navy cardigans.

ShortStuff 19-04-2005 17:54

re: Rhyddings High School??
Sorry didn't put my years - 1993-1998.

Mik Dickinson 21-04-2005 10:05

re: Rhyddings High School??
Me too 73 to 78 remember them all Miss Moore ( Cream Bun ) Les Newton Mr. Paar and all the others

asfc babe 27-04-2005 14:11

re: Rhyddings High School??
I was there from 1997-2002 (had to think then!!) I was in Mrs Whelan's form.What a gret Maths teacher.
O remember Duffy? Hate that guy!!!
N Mrs Tipper........tuck them shirts in!

(Hope they don't come on this forum!!)

MANDS 03-05-2005 19:29

re: Rhyddings High School??
i was there from 1977-1982 miss moore headteacher,anyone remember mrs merrygold?

Mik Dickinson 04-05-2005 04:51

re: Rhyddings High School??
Mr and Mrs Merrigold,Mr howarth,Mrs Barnes, Mr Cunliffe aye remember them all well.Those were the days eh?

panther 04-05-2005 13:08

re: Rhyddings High School??
emmmm, the teachers i remember, were miss moore, (strict one that was, couldnt wear make-up, short skirts or earrings, not like they do now:eek: ) also mr flanagan, he was another sod, mr hargreaves, soft sod, oh god mr roper, god knows how he become a teacher, cuz i learned nowt from him, there was one teacher i hated and that was mrs banks!!! oh if i could meet her now, probably dead though!! and why did all the girls fancy mr spack woteva his name was...yuk he did nowt for me, always had a broken bloody foot!!

Roy 07-05-2005 17:20

re: Rhyddings High School??
I was also a Rhyddings pupil.. finished in 1994 or something like that.. Miss Moore was head... Mr Duffy was the evil maths teacher that I got every darn year and the best teacher of my time was Mr Newton in technology...

I have to say though, I hated school, I still hate school and my schooldays where knowhere near the best days of my life.

Mik Dickinson 07-05-2005 19:02

re: Rhyddings High School??
Les Newton was the best ever.Strangely enough i had been living in Germany for about16 years when i met up with Franklind son over here.

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