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rosegrove 10-02-2009 17:03

woodnook sec school
hi anybody went woodnook sec schooli was there till 1966 then moved to the midlands i think that was the last year before the to hollins new schoolnames i can remember phil duckworth carl philppson jack wilson roland drinkwater terry titley i am stuart nelson lived within grove

talentedbutslow 13-02-2009 17:15

Re: woodnook sec school
Roland Drinkwater from Within Grove is my cousin......

rosegrove 17-02-2009 16:07

Re: woodnook sec school
hi talented but slow lost contact with roland 2 years ago when my computor crashed i know he as a photo web stite but cant remember it
we hanged around together 1963 66 when i moved to the midlands
are you still in touch with him it would be nice to get in touch with him
i know he wrote a book about is mother and father which was very moving

baz270 27-07-2009 21:49

Re: woodnook sec school
Hi Iwas there 1961 till 1965 my name Barry Talbot and some of those names sound familiar.

Roland 10-08-2009 20:10

Re: woodnook sec school
Well it seems if everyone is talking about me, I'd better say something!

Hi Everyone,
Stuart, mate, How'ya doin? My e-mail is if you or Talented but slow or Barry Talbot want to get in touch- it would be nice to hear from you all...

Best wishes,

Roland Drinkwater

xaccy 15-08-2009 18:29

Re: woodnook sec school
ru you any relation to cliff talbot?

Tybow 01-09-2009 20:17

Re: woodnook sec school
My hubby went to Woodnook, and received a message from Doug Kellet, but hasn't been able to log on to reply.
His name is Mick Pettifer, and is e-mail is

IRENE BAINBRIDGE 17-02-2012 20:41

Re: woodnook sec school
I was there from 53-57 I remember Doug Kellett,I was Irene Bainbridge

claytonx 17-02-2012 21:02

Re: woodnook sec school

Originally Posted by IRENE BAINBRIDGE (Post 970841)
I was there from 53-57 I remember Doug Kellett,I was Irene Bainbridge

I think I am right for your own protection you should not post email addresses on the web
That's what I was told when I first joined

IRENE BAINBRIDGE 18-02-2012 18:54

Re: woodnook sec school
Hi,My name then was Irene Davies,I think I was having a senior moment yesterday.

rosegrove 22-02-2012 20:54

Re: woodnook sec school
hi roland my email is

christine wood 24-02-2012 10:31

Re: woodnook sec school
My husband Colin Wood went to Woodnook 1954-58 he walked to school with Mick Pettifer, and back with John Davies and Stewart Slattery both have passed away in recent years. Somebody mentioned Tony Finn sure he passed away he used to have his dinner in the cafe in the Arcade. He remembers Alf Hockett also cause they both had red hair, both Mick P and Alf H live in Canada now he thinks.

maxthecollie 24-02-2012 15:08

Re: woodnook sec school
My cousin Brian Blinco went towoodnook around that time. He now lives in Spain

ossy kid 27-02-2012 03:24

Re: woodnook sec school
Hey Christine, Alf is a mate of mine. If you want to contact him just put his name in the search area and you'll find him.

PiperAdrian 29-02-2012 01:31

Re: woodnook sec school
Hi, I was there from 1946 till 1950. Transferred from Peel Park when they changed to Secondry Modern.

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