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wirralman 01-01-2014 12:38

not sure if any one can help. my great grandmother Norah Donovan and her family from Limerick Ireland lived in the Accrington area. She was born in 1884 and died in Birkenhead in 1937. They are very elusive family and I cannot track down any of her family, according to my grandmother and Norah's daughter Mary Burns born 1916 died 2004 she freuquently travelled to Accrington to see her family. I wonder are there any Donovan's still in the area.

William Dawson, Canada

egg&chips 01-01-2014 19:56

Re: Donovan's
I have a Mary Burns in my tree (grandad Teddy's sister) but older than your Mary,-born 1879. That side was from Ireland, but reputedly from Cork so probably a dead end WM.

ossy kid 12-01-2014 22:58

Re: Donovan's
Hi William, did you get my private message?

ossy kid 17-01-2014 01:28

Re: Donovan's
Is it possible your Norah spent some time in America/Canada William?

ossy kid 22-01-2014 16:16

Re: Donovan's
Hello William, please follow up your thread with a little more info, I did some research on your Donovans but not sure what is relevant.

wirralman 17-09-2019 11:42

Re: Donovan's
very sorry for not replying earlier. No Norah didnt go to North America.



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