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Lost Friends / Family Lost friends from the Accrington area? Maybe someone here can help?

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Old 02-12-2008, 14:39   #1
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C'mon Janet, don't be shy!

I am still looking for Janet (Richmond) who left Holy Family back in '75. She was a beautiful blonde girl, green eyes too, used to go Ballroom dancing on a Saturday morning and we used to hang out at xmas parties and New year parties at Leona Powers house on Whalley Road together. She also came to my going away party in '76 when I joined the RN, at my house, also on Whalley Road! I think she went out to Saudi or somewhere, possably nursing. So, c'mon If your out there, Janet, or if someone knows any info, please get in touch. Cheers.
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Accrington Web
Old 17-11-2009, 23:53   #2
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Re: C'mon Janet, don't be shy!

Hi I used to live around the corner from her, she lived on Sandy lane! I heard she came into a great deal of money..dunno if it's true, haven't seen her for years.
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Old 16-01-2010, 03:39   #3
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Re: C'mon Janet, don't be shy!

Hi Rick,

Only by chance have I seen your message. My husband has begun researching my side of my family history and decided to look at old school names and monuments. Sad to say I did not come into money nor did I move to Saudi. I worked in Accrington and had about 3 jobs but mainly doing secretarial work for a Solicitors. I then moved to Zimbabwe in 1981 and became a Zimbabwean Citizen and eventually met my husband in 1991 and we got married in 1994 and have two beautiful and talented daughters. Kelsey who is 13 (14 this year) and Brianne 11 (12 this year). Because of the political situation in Zimbabwe, we applied and were accepted for Australia and we moved here on the 12th of January 2005, so have now been here for 5 years exactly. We lost everything in the move as we lived a lifestyle of the rich and famous and all our friends moved and are all around the world, some we have seen since some not. Since the children were born, we have normally gone back to Accrington around Xmas time because all my family is there but would never consider living in England. We bought a time share many years ago and so normally flit here and there when we are in Accrington and together with the girls have travelled the world, i.e. Malta,Switzerland, Paris, Germany, Austria,Finland,South Africa, Mauritius and we have toured quite alot around Australia. We are here to stay I think but we still miss Zimbabwe deeply. I loved it there and it was the best decision I ever made to go back there. In regard to the Arcadian ballroom, John Taylor was the owner and we are in constant communication and always have dinner with him and his wife when in Accy. Mary Toland has a little girl also aged around 12 but she never married, we phone each other constantly and also when in Accy spend a lot of time with her. I also caught up with Yvonne Wood, Sheila Connolly, James Ashworth and Chris Bramwell. I have to say I cannot remember going to a party whereby you were leaving to join the Royal Navy but I do remember spending a lot of time at Leona's house. I came back often the first few years and met up with Leona although I know she fell pregnant before she was 18 with a married man and she then married him, so her married name is Groves, she then had I think another 2 boys and then she was living with a guy much younger than her back in the eighties and had another son. On the one particular visit she wouldn't answer my calls or speak or see me and she wrote to me and said she was just so jealous of me as to what I had achieved and done with my life and it made her realise how she had messed up hers and since then I have never seen her. I have tried to track her down and get an address even through her sisters in Langho but still nothing. I would love to know if anyone has any contact details for her.
So now you know I am alive and well but not in Saudi and not counting the pennies.
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Old 15-02-2010, 22:52   #4
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Re: C'mon Janet, don't be shy!

Hello Rick, Lovely story from Janet, and so from the heart....I don't know her but I have a similar tale to yours , details I will reveal some time ,,maybe--Noted the time she posted the story was 16-1-2010 at 04.39 hours, and my clock said 11-20 PM on the 15th of Feb....maybe you should ask her for the aussie lottery numbers....
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Old 22-02-2010, 14:48   #5
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Re: C'mon Janet, don't be shy!

Great story i was also there same time as james & chris but dont remember janet?
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